Stepping Up to 5th Grade!

4th grade spent the morning Stepping Up to 5th grade!

Getting to know 5th!

Students started out by completing a word cloud with words that summarized their thoughts about coming to 5th grade. During this time we talked about some of the projects and content they will experience in 5th grade. We talked about our compost project and how they will take over those responsibilities next year. Check out Seesaw journals to see these fun word clouds! The students also expressed how excited they are to have lockers!

We talked a lot about things they were excited to do next year. Additionally, they were able to explore the classroom and ask questions about math centers, Mystery Skype, and my special blue chair!

I ca't wait to have this bunch next year and hopefully they are more excited now having explored the classroom and talked about some of the amazing projects we will do next year together!

Exploring with Magnets

In 5th grade one of the S.T.E.M projects we will complete will require students to build a magnetic levitating "train". To connect with that content, we spent a chunk of our morning exploring the properties of magnets.

To get our minds focused on magnets we started by watching a short BrainPop video outlining the basic properties of magnets. After watching the video I challenged students to share what they knew and learned about magnets and their basic properties. We used a collaborative chat website called Tackk. This is an medium I love to use with my students to engage in conversation, pose a question, and discuss various themes in our classroom. I've attached the link to our Tackk below! Check it out!

After we discussed the properties of magnets I challenged the students to apply their understanding of the properties of magnets and use only magnets to "drive" their car throughout a racecourse. Students worked in teams to attach magnets to the cars and worked together to drive it from start to the finish without ever touching the car. Some teams succeeded quickly and got through the course...others needed more time to perfect their process. But all teams worked together and used trial and error and teamwork to work their cars through the course without ever touching it!

It was awesome to see how well the students worked together in teams and how they were able to use their knowledge to tackle a problem. I commented to Mr. Leibowitz later about how well the group worked together! It was great fun!

Check our some photos and video below!

Step up 2
Step up 3
Step up day 1

Dear Parents,

I so enjoyed spending the morning with your students and I look forward to having them back next year. They are a tremendous bunch and I can't wait to work with them!

I uploaded some photos and videos to student's Seesaw Journals and have included a lot of our day within this Smore as well!

Tomorrow evening we are hosting our annual Look Ahead Night for parents to "step-up" to the next grade level and learn a little more about the our 5th grade program. Please consider stopping by, I'd love to chat about our program.

If you are unable to make it tomorrow, I would be happy to set a meeting at a time that works for you to discuss or answer any questions you may have.

Have a great day, looking forward to seeing you tomorrow at Step-Up day!

Ms. M