By Jordyn Tamimie


Balls, nets, beach, and sand, describes a game where you can use your hands. In this book you will learn how to hit the ball correctly and WIN!


It takes up a lot of space to play Volley ball because it is a sport. Some peopol think that volleyball only requires a volley ball and a net that is not true you need knee pads , at least 2 or more players , and a huge area.

Ways to play

There are many ways to play.One way to play is called bumping. Bumping is the basic way to hit the ball over the net.To bump you need to make a fist with your hand, step two pop your thum up,step three get your other hand and make it hug your other hand.Now you will learn how to serve. To serve you put one hand out like some one is giveing something. After you do that you put the volley right on top of your hand. Last step is to make a fist with your opposite hand.


To play volley ball you need to be in a positions. On the court there are six positions. The first position is recever 1 they try to hit the ball over the net. The 2 position is receiver 2. The third position is recever 3. Position 4 is the server they serve the ball. The 5 position is recever 4. The last position is recever 5. Those are the positions for volley ball.


In volley ball there are rules. The 1st rule is if you are on the out line you can not hit the ball because that would be cheeting.Rule 2 you can not tackle peapol.


In volley ball there are lots of outs. To get an out you can serve out of the court. You could also serve to high. If you get a out the other team gets a point. To keep yourself from getting outs you can try what I call a tageter. To do the tageter while you are serving go for a spot on the court where you think no one will run to!
2014 31 Oct Penn State vs Ohio State Women's Volleyball