Engineer managers

by austin thill

Job Summery

Engineering managers plan and design new products and systems. Engineering managers use advanced technical skills to oversee many types of projects. Projects may include building a new highway, designing a production line, or installing a water system. Engineering managers oversee the planning and building of new factories and plants. They oversee the design of new products. Sometimes they improve the way products are made. Engineering managers set goals and establish policies and work procedures for meeting those goals.

Typical day, outlook, lifestyle, why i chose this career

me typical day usually consists of talking to people about projects, directing engineering and technical projects, hazardous conditions are very rare, rarely have to do physical activity, rarely having to work outside, often working with people, often working with computers, need to be able to right, have good speaking skills, math, and science.

I think this job would definitely let me afford my lifestyle because i am doing something i enjoy and would get payed well.

The job outlook for engineer managers is slower than average.

I chose this career because i think it will be something i will enjoy and i will be able to make a lot of money.

3 related jobs, schooling required and best person for job

construction manager- plan and direct the work on construction projects. projects can be buildings, roads, and bridges

storage and transport manager- direct the pickup, transport, and storage of goods. Transportation managers work for airlines, trucking companies, railroads, and other shipping organizations.

mechanical engineer- oversee the design, construction, and testing of mechanical products and systems

To be a engineer manager you have to go 4 years after collage.

The annual salary for engineer managers is 117,463.

I think the best person for this job would be someone who is very smart and likes to do math, they will also have to work well with others.

someone who is not good for this job will be someone who doesn't like math and didn't finish school, it will not be a good job for them if they don't like new people or working with new people