Foreign Policy Project

By: Eduardo Berumen

Who is ISIS?

  • Islamic State of Iraq and Syria
  • The group was founded in 1999 and was then named Jamaat al- Tawhid wa-l- Jihad (JTWJ).
  • The group, in Arabic is originally named Al – Dawla Al – Islamiya fi al -Iraq wa al -Sham.
  • The main aim or purpose of the ISIS as known to the people is to create an Islamic state, also called a caliphate, across the areas of Iraq and Syria
  • ISIS has been merciful on none and unlike terrorist organizations that target other religions, ISIS targets mostly Islamic states and also followers of Islam to submit to their absolute power.

Power Vacuum

  • The ISIS has slowly but steadily gained support from Islamic followers Worldwide. This has been possible mostly due to their active presence of social media.
  • Power Vacuum-It is a political term used to describe a vacancy or weakness in the power structure of a nation or region.
  • When the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003 and the outbreak of the Syrian civil war in 2011 happened, those two events lead to the creation of ISIS.

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  1. I interviewed Aby and she says that she hates ISIS. She reads from different articles and how scary it is for people to be executed and she feels they kill for pleasure. People were told to leave the land and the citizens try to head to Jordan but they cant and its like Texas and Mexico that the citizens from another country cannot even cross through without any papers. She says that based on the articles 90% of children do not go to school and Michelle Obama and Barrack Obama are trying to give girls more opportunities for education because they feel that the men have more opportunities while the women have to stay home and take care of the family.
  2. I interviewed Luis and he said that its scary not knowing what ISIS will do because he hears that Syrian refugees are coming to the US but who knows if they are working for ISIS and we end up having another bomb attack like the one in Paris. The US needds to be prepared and theres gotta be a way to prevent from ISIS roaming around the world and cause mass chaos and fear to the citizens.

Personal Opinions

In my opinion this is really a huge crisis that could be a big threat to the whole world. This Organization is very cruel and brutal and more citizens are dying for the horrors they bring to the countries. Everyone wants to be safe from this horror and even though we are far away from the problems it still affects us on how far they would go to achieve their goal. If i were President the foreign policy would be to check every person carefully that they dont possess threats like bombs or drugs, also increase technology to create something that would prevent someone from carrying deadly weapons. Yes i would close the borders for safety of the country, and I understand people running away from that country to safety but we should set up an organization to help those. I would be afraid of a domestic attack and no i wouldn't send troops to the country, I would station the troops to places that ISIS could possibly attack. Of course if we sent troops to Syria then it would be a war zone and we would risk many lives and ISIS would want us to come over to kill troops and aquire more equipment from us to use against us and we dont want that to happen.