The Kiowa Tribe

By: Sarah Griffin

Location, Food and how they obtained their food

The Kiowa tribe lived in the Great Plains in the Panhandle. They were known as nomads and breed horses to get around and migrate. The Kiowa ate buffalo meat, plants, roots, berries, potatoes, and deer.

Shelter, Tools/Weapons, and Special Traditions

The teepee was what the Kiowa tribe lived in because being nomads, it was easier to get from one place to another. They moved a lot to follow the buffalo herds for hunting. A tool the Kiowa used was a digging stick to soften the ground and get roots to eat. They also traded a lot to get their more supplies and weapons. The Kiowa performed the sun dance and other hunting ceremonies that were held. In 1873 the quaker mission efforts began along with the Methodists and Baptists and government stopped their traditions.

Leadership, and Where the Kiowa are now

The Kiowa had many great Chiefs to lead their tribe. They had laws, a government, policies and their band was always led by a Chief.

The Kiowa tribe was forced to move Oklahoma reservations in the 1800's and most Kiowas now live in OK.


The Kiowa were allies and gave horses to the Comanche tribe who also lived in the Great Plains.
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