It'll knock your socks off!


Check out these amazing landmarks! The Raffle Hotel is a luxurious, beautiful hotel that is highly recommended. Mosques are common because of religion but just stunning! Skyscrapers aren’t really a landmark but they are beautiful! Check out these awesome city-sites.


Weather is an important part of traveling. It is often very rainy so make sure to bring a jacket! It actually rains about every other day. It is a tropical area so it is VERY humid. Bring a jacket! J

Singapore speaks many different languages

There are 9 different languages spoken in Singapore, not all being official. There are actually 4 official languages. The 4 official languages are English, mandarin Chinese, Malay, and Tamil. Lots of languages spoken in Singapore!

Singapore houses many different religions

It houses 7 different religions at once! About 77% of the population is Muslim and 11% is Hindu. Brilliant churches surround Singapore with their beauty. Singapore houses one of the most religions!

Since Singapore is close to Asia, is has many different foods

Chinese and Japanese food is popular in Singapore. Most Chinese food is spicy, and that’s the way they like it! Recipes include fresh red peppers and special spices. Asian food is great so try it!

Singapore is a very high tech country

Singapore houses the brilliant “Raffle Hotel” witch was founded in the early 1800’s. Lots of Singaporean’s like to paint as well, and often sell their paintings for good money. Singapore also has some amazing skyscrapers. It’s important to be high tech.