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GT at BES Fall Update

Did you know that our master schedule provides flexible time for each grade level each day to provide students with differentiation opportunities including enrichment activities and opportunities to participate in complex thinking activities?

Here are just a few examples of projects from each grade level this past semester:

  • 1st: students researched animals and created their own books
  • 2nd: students are currently creating imaginative stories and have utilized lessons from our Think Law curriculum to engage students in critical thinking activities
  • 3rd- students participate in book clubs and have created culminating projects that include creating their own Kahoot it and turning their book into a TV series (watch out Disney Channel :) In math students used their understanding of multiplication and area/perimeter to design their own amusement park
  • 4th students have created posters, participated in peer teaching where students lead other students in discussions about learning and have worked with the steam teacher to create models of Native American houses after researching native Texas tribes
  • 5th students during their unit on circuits were asked to plan and design their own funhouse that incorporates what they learned about energy and force and motion. They also participated in creating their own mock Macy's Day parade

Furthermore, students in all grade levels have opportunities for pre-assessments allowing the teacher to individualize instruction and offer extension projects for students who have shown mastery of the upcoming units

Ms. Harris wins GT Spotlight award

Mrs. Harris consistently works to ensure that every student in her class achieves their highest potential. She uses pre-assessments, choice menus, and project-based learning to engage students at higher levels. Classroom debates and conversations consistently provide students opportunities to use critical thinking skills to solve problems.
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Our 5th grade GT students have interviewed and researched what it means to be a top-notch news team. We will update the site with exciting GT projects from 20-21. Be sure to check back on June 5th for the finalized showcase. As always, reach out via email with questions melissa.english@haysicsd.net

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