The Breakfast Battle

Waffle V.S. Pancakes

What's the Difference ?

Did you know that some people just think waffles are just pancakes with abs well they aren't and I'm here to tell you the difference between waffles and pancakes! Sometimes when ever I want something crispy and light I will look in the fridge and grab an eggo but if I am in the mood for a soft fluffy cake like substance I will probably choose pancake. I prefer the waffle because I am a crispy kind of guy but Collin prefers a pancake because of the fluff you can't ignore.

Differences Collide

The debate what are the benefits of the choices and what's the junk between the two.


Did you know that waffles were brought here from France by Thomas Jefferson. Well they did and here are some cool facts on waffles. Waffles have crispy edges to fill your mouth with a crunch. Washington post took a survey and 60% of people chose waffle over pancake. The cups in Waffles make waffles way less messy than a pancake because when you eat pancakes the syrup and butter flops on the plate and makes a mess but waffles cups make the syrup stay in the waffle and not just fall of the plate like a pancake. I prefer waffles because of the crispiness in every bite, I also love that when you eat a bite of a waffle each cup is filled with butter and syrup and when it hits your tongue and it's a condiment party. But waffles do have more fat than pancakes for the crispy edges of the waffle. Also you will need to buy a waffle iron to be able to make a homemade waffle and prices average $30-$40.


Did you know that people have been eating pancakes for thousands of years! Well they have and I'm here to tell you some amazing facts on pancakes! The name really fits for a pan:cake because they are made with pans and are as fluffy as a cake. Somebody has once said that “if I would ever want to clean my kitchen instead of a sponge I would use a pancake”, and I would agree if the pancake messed up of was burnt I would use it because a pancake is just like a sponge with it’s fluffy inside and it's edible! It takes an average person to bake a pancake in under two minutes but it would take a average person about 5-10 minutes to make a not super crispy but crispy waffle but if you want a really good waffle it could take up to 30 minutes!

For pancakes you don't need no fancy waffle iron you just need a pan no $30 waffle iron a pan that you can use for a million different things, not just waffles. Collin would choose pancakes over waffles any day because of the fluff on the top soaks in the butter and syrup and it makes every bite a melted butter syrup covered goodness. But pancakes did lose the battle on Washington post by a 20% difference.

You Choose

Now that you got the two sides what would you want fluffiness of pancakes or crispiness of a waffle it's a breakfast boxing and you need to decide you wins the match.
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