Dr. August

Aaliyah Givens

Dr.August: Wattpad

Story Elements

The book Dr.August takes place in Los Angeles, CA during the present timing of 2O14. The main conflict in the story is Chresanto ( Dr.August ) doesn't know that his high school sweetheart and his 9 year old daughter are still alive. The book begins w/ a regular day in his office when Jayla his friend of 7 years walks in w/ one of her friends for their daily " treatment ".

Character Analysis

The main character is Chresanto August ( Dr.August ). Three words to describe the main character are forgiving, accepting, and caring. The character is motivated by pleasuring his patients , his fwb Jayla and his returning girlfriend Numra & their 9 year old daughter Christina. I Like the main character b/c he's very understanding and thoughtful. He has respect for everyone and he never gives up. In addition he tries hard. The relationship between Chres and Stina is they have a brother sister relationship and its very strong. She can talk to him about anything.


The theme is forgive an forget but never take kindness for weakness. One example that supports the theme is when Dr.August promises to be a good father , but sets bad examples. Another example is how Numra blamed Dr.August's job for Christina making friends w/ a boy and coming home w/ a necklace from him. A third example is when Christina promises to never leave James like the others did. A final example that supports that theme is Chres and Jayla get caught making out by Christina and Numra.


I give this book a 1O b/c for one I love Mindless Behavior and I feel like I can really connect to it. Some parents and children have been in this situation , where they either never meet their child ; or don't know their parent(s) are alive. Maybe they just never see them.