Awareness Flyer

Human environmental interactions on water and land

Human environmental interactions: Water

Water bodies have been negatively affected by the carbon dioxide that we put into the air causing acid rain to fall in to the water. Acid rain isn't the only thing that hurts the water bodies, but the runoff from farms and industries, like pesticides or chemicals that are used every pray can get into the water. Due to this many oceans and water bodies and there inhabitants are being killed because of our faults.

Human environmental interactions: Land

Second only to the availability of drinkable water, is an access to a food supply. So a farm or agricultural business is important, but with water pollution this might not be so easy. Pesticides and chemicals from farms and industries stay in the ground and when the next crop comes up and something went wrong with the amount of the chemicals it was giving, the crop could be effected by a disease. Another thing is that the food chain can be messed up or destroyed because of the things the animals eat or drink. If one animal falls out some of the others may not be able to survive.
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In the future

If we keep doing what we are doing know lots of the thins that we are used to are going to slowly fade away unless we change. We could lose out on being able to fish and eat seafood. We also can lose our on wildlife and good land to plant and live in.


What is destroying the water bodies in the world?

What is the most deadly impact of pesticides and chemicals used during farming and working?