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Week of May 23, 2016 - B Week

I wonder if our kids could work on this?

Shout Outs

Kristie for wonderfully organized testing & keeping a positive attitude through it all- you are great!

B for providing a cool math project for our kids for the end of the year.

Primary - for thinking about leveraging learning spaces in a way that will better our school.


IT'S a B Week

Next Prize Raffle will be May 23rd

SOL Calendar
May 24 - Reading Retake
May 25 - Math Retake
May 31 - Content Retake

There may be some other individual tests going on, but these three days will have 15 or so testers in the library.

Report Card Calendar:

June 6- Final versions due
June 7 - home

Newsletter Updates:

If you have announcements, pictures, or shout outs, please send to Craig.

If you have events for the calendar, please send to Jennifer Wilkes or Cathy Martin.

Upcoming Events

Monday Market Expo

Monday, May 23rd, 1pm


Normal Lunch and Recess Schedule!

Library - Operations
Room 1 - Theater/Music/Arts
Room 6 - Yard Games
Room 7 - Crafts
Room 8 - Nature
Room 12 - Cooking
Room 13 - Wood Working

VDOE School Improvement Meeting

Monday, May 23rd, 2:30pm


The Group will continue work on building tasks into the plan.

Primary Music Performance

Tuesday, May 24th, 9:30am


Field Day

Friday, May 27th, 9am

Back Field

Yancey Market Expo and Esmont Community Day

Friday, June 3rd, 12pm


Graduation and Step up Ceremony

Monday, June 6th, 9:30am


Last Day of School

Tuesday, June 7th, 7:30am-2:30pm


Calendar for 15-16

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