Room 104 News

September 28, 2015

Math- We are working on the commutative property of addition and the equal sign. This means we are working on understanding 1+4=4+1. We are also continuing to work on solving word problems and building fluency with addition.

Reading/Science- We are continuing to talk about Johnny Appleseed this week. We will be designing and engineering a boat for Johnny Appleseed later in the week.


I will be sending home new reading logs on Monday. Please read 10 minutes each night for a total of 50 minutes for the week. If you miss a night you can make it up throughout the week or on the weekend. Return reading logs on Monday the 5th.

Watch Dogs Tuesday

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Our First Project

Our 1st bunches meetings have been moved to October. If you haven't finished your Iposter keep working on it and send it in soon. We are sharing a few each day in our classroom.

Upcoming and Special Events

Monday 9/14 - Art

Tuesday 9/15 - Music

Wednesday 9/16- P.E. /Computer Lab

Thursday 9/17- Art

Friday 9/18- Music /Library check-out

Our library check-out is Friday please return all books by Thursday or Friday.

1st grade students check-out three books each week and bring home one book at a time.

Coats for Kids

Belton is partnering with Country Club bank to provide students in need. Please contact Mrs. Malone, the counselor, if you are interested. (816) 348-1130

Breakfast Picnic with your Person

Click on the link below to learn more about this fun upcoming event!

Please contact me with any questions

Remind text messages

If you have not already be sure to sign up for our classroom remind text messages.