American System

Clayton Probert

Purpose of the American System

The American System was a plan by Henry Clay to strengthen the infrastructure of the union and jump start the economy.

Nationalism Vs Sectionalism

Nationalism is the idea of holding pride in ones country, and focusing on the nation before local and regional problems. Sectionalism is the idea of focusing only on the local aspects of ones region. The problems with this is that it does not take into account general issues of a national scale.

Key Components of the American History

  • High tariff to protect American industry
  • High public land prices to increase national revenue
  • Maintain the national bank to maintain currency and decrease risky banks
  • Set of internal improvements(roads and canals) to maintain the union.

Henry Clay Biography

Henry Clay was the leader of the Whig party and an unsuccessful presidential candidate. Secretary of State under John Adams. Created the American System. Speaker of the House of Representatives for years. Heavily influential member of the senate. War Hawk before the war of 1812. Fought for native american land rights. The Whig party disassembled after his death in 1852.