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Watch Iron Man 3 Online Free Full Movie (2013)Maybe there’s one more big fight in him in ten or fifteen years’ time, when he’s passed sixty or so, like The Dark Knight who once returned.Watch Iron Man 3 in Putlocker Full-Movie HD Quality Except for Iron Man ‘using the Force’, his panic attacks and his love for Pepper not much has changed. But let’s start at the beginning.Iron Man 3 Watch Putlocker Online Free Full Tony has to do some hero stuff without his Iron Man armor and this forces him to work together with ‘normal’ people (and one crazy fan). Watch Iron Man 3 Full Movie Online Free Streaming Lessons from Curt Connors from The Amazing Spider-Man movie for instance. Mutants. And in the end a female character even does a little ‘Femke Janssen Phoenix’ trick.Watch Iron Man 3 Online Free Full Although The Mandarin shows some serious terrorist actions, the tone of Iron Man 3 is much lighter and more humorous than part 2. Or that boxer from Philadelphia who made one last comeback. But for now I would say that three is enough… for now. Watching Iron Man 3 Streaming Full Movie Online Free Well, at least a little. Not that Iron Man 3 is a bad movie. It’s entertaining alright. But especially the beginning is rather shaky. Watch Iron Man 3 Putlocker Free Movie.At the end he and James Rhodes form a nice team and they ultimately save the day. Iron Man 3 is descending on cinemas with an almighty crash, assuming the dramatic-yet-camp landing pose that Tony Stark in his exo-body-chassis favours on arrival: right knee down, right fist in the smashed asphalt, left elbow back, head up. This is luxury superhero entertainment and the director and co-writer is Shane Black, who gave us the excellent Kiss Kiss Bang Bang in 2005. I bow down to Mr Black as the Aaron Sorkin of action comedy; he gets the biggest laugh of the year with a joke about Croydon, with some additional Anglophile kisses blown to Downton Abbey, and what I suspect is a disguised homage to Mike Myers&apos;s immortal creation Austin Powers.Iron Man 3 is smart, funny and spectacular – I particularly liked Stark&apos;s brutally unsentimental reaction to the news that a kid who is helping him is missing his errant dad. Stark now probably succeeds Chaplin as Downey&apos;s key creation as an actor, loosing off funny lines with virtuoso skill, throwing away gags and delaying punchlines: Alec Baldwin does something similar, but in a more reflective style. This may not be to everyone&apos;s taste and some odd repeated jokes about Christmas indicate that a different release date may have been planned. But it is quality Friday night entertainment: the innocent pleasure of the week.The task of following up the Avengers movie was never going to be an easy one. After Marvel&apos;s super-group shattered box offices the world over, the eyes of cinemagoers everywhere were soon trained on their next film: Iron Man 3. For the returning cast (Robert Downey Jr, Gwyneth Paltrow and Don Cheadle) and incoming director Shane Black, the pressure must have been immense. How do you follow up the biggest superhero blockbuster of all time?The obvious answer is to make it personal. And that&apos;s exactly what Iron Man 3 does, to masterful effect. The threat of Ben Kingsley as proselytising terrorist warlord The Mandarin notwithstanding, what gives Stark the most trouble in this film is his sheer inability to process his recent experiences of gods, aliens and interstellar travel. Cool detachment no longer works. Sealing himself inside a suit of armour no longer works. This isn&apos;t a film about a hero saving the world – it&apos;s a film about a hero trying to save himself.That&apos;s not to say there isn&apos;t spectacle, because there is, and it&apos;s as inventive as it is impressive. The set pieces run the gamut from huge multi-character CGI-fests to street-level armour-less action scenes, but crucially they all have a good reason to exist. Co-writers Black and Drew Pearce provide a barrage of genuinely hilarious jokes Iron Man 3 is at least as funny as Avengers, if not more so) and also know that there&apos;s no point having a fight if having a fight is the only point.It has often been said that a superhero is only as good as his rogue&apos;s gallery, and if that&apos;s the case, it goes some way to explaining why Iron Man 3 feels like the strongest Iron Man film yet. The Mandarin is as audaciously-written as he is perfectly-cast - against all expectation, they found a take on the character that doesn&apos;t just work: it threatens to become definitive.One of the other things that helps Iron Man 3 stand out is its texture. Where Iron Man 2 took place in a world of corporate sterility, Iron Man 3 does all it can to take us to places where we&apos;d never expect to find Tony Stark. There are scenes which feel straight out of a Lethal Weapon film, albeit with an Iron Man-style twist. The trailer reveals a lot about the film (including, bafflingly, something the movie tiptoes carefully around for the first two hours) but there&apos;s still so much to see.