'SIEKIERA MOTYKA' Polish project

prepared by Zespol Szkol Publicznych (Jozefoslaw, Poland)

History of the song

Axe Hoe is a famous Polish military song.

It was the protest song from the World War II when German soldiers occupied our country.

The people sang this song on the streets and everywhere and mostly in occupied Warsaw.

It was a very popular, patriotic song. The melody of this song was created already in 1917, but the text was created in August in 1942 in Warsaw, by a member of underground Polish Army Anna Jachnina. In 1943 it was published in underground Press ,,Listen folks”.

Germans penalized singing of ,,Axe Hoe” in 1942 and every who sang this song could have been arrested. Singing of this song was very dangerous.

After the World War II in 1946 this song was also featured in a movie ,, Forbidden Songs”.

We can`t forget this patriotic song ,,Axe Hoe”.

By Olga Dworak

Full version of the song

Siekiera, motyka, piłka, szklanka,
W nocy nalot, w dzień łapanka.
Siekiera, motyka, piłka, gaz,
Uciekajmy póki czas.

Siekiera, motyka, żandarm, buda,
Każdy zwiewa gdzie się uda.
Po co siedzieć w cytadeli
Albo w jakiejś innej celi.

Siekiera, motyka, piłka, deska,
Ta ulica Skaryszewska.
Siekiera motyka i dwie deski,
Już jesteśmy na Skaryszewskiej.

Jak tu być i o czym śnić, Hycle nam nie dają żyć. Wszak kultura nie zabrania robić takie polowania.

Siekiera motyka, piłka, szklanka.
W nocy nalot w dzień łapanka.
Siekiera motyka, piłka, gwóźdź.
Masz górala i mnie puść.

A jak nie masz tysiąc złotych
to wyjeżdżasz na roboty.
Siekiera motyka, piłka, linka,
Tutaj Prusy tam Treblinka.

Już nie mamy gdzie się skryć, Hycle nam nie dają żyć. Po ulicach gonią wciąż, Patrzą kogo jeszcze wziąć.

Bo przecież kultura nie zabrania
Robić takie polowania
I widocznie z nimi źle
Kiedy za nas biorą się.

Siekiera, motyka, piłka, alasz.
Przegrał wojnę głupi malarz.
Siekiera, motyka, piłka nóż.
Przegrał wojnę już, już, już.

Siekiera, motyka, gaz i prąd
Kiedyż oni pójdą stąd.
Siekiera, motyka, prąd i gaz,
a żeby w was piorun trzasł.

English translation of the song

Axe, hoe, Jan. and Feb.,
Wop and heinie* lose their shoes.
Axe, hoe, twine, wire
And Mr. Painter** is kaputt.

Axe, hoe, ball, glass
Air strike at night, round up at day
Axe, hoe, ball, gas
Let's run away while we got time

Axe, hoe, policeman, shack,
Everybody runs where they can.
For what should we sit in citadel,
Or in some other cell.

Axe, hoe, ball, board,
This Skaryszewska street.
Axe, hoe and two boards,
We are already in Skaryszewska.

How to be here and what dreams to have?
The dogcatchers won't let us be.
Mind you culture does not forbid
Doing this kind of hunting

Axe, hoe, ball, glass
Air strike at night, round up at day
Axe, hoe, ball, nail.
Here you have a highlander*** and let me go.

But if you don't have thousand złoty
Then you leave for works
Axe, hoe, ball, rope,
Here you have Prussia, and there a Treblinka

We have nowhere left to hide
The dogcatchers won't let us be.
Always chase us 'round the streets.
Checking who else may they take.

For, indeed, culture does not forbid
Doing this kind of hunting

Clearly there's something wrong with them
When they get at us

Axe, hoe, ball, Allasch****.
Stupid painter lost the war.
Axe, hoe, ball, knife
Lost the war right now.

Axe, hoe, gas and current
When will they go away?
Axe, hoe, current and gas
May you be struck by lightning

For the english speakers:
* 'wop' and 'heinie' are offending words meaning 'an Italian' and 'a German'
** mr. painter refers to Hitler, cause he had aspired to become a painter, but the art school rejected him
*** 'highlander' (pl. 'góral') refers to a banknote of 500 zł value, it depicted a highlander.

Translation comes from http://www.tekstowo.pl/piosenka,zakazane_piosenki,siekiera__motyka.html

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