Creating a Truly Differentiated Experience

Why use EdPuzzle?

The modern student has a wide variety of needs that must be addressed. Technological advances and a social shift away from pen­and­paper communication have introduced a generation of technology savants. This professional development, “Easy Differentiation with EdPuzzle”, takes participants through the process of creating differentiated video lessons, how to use the data from the program to drive instruction, and how to use this with their students

Reach all learners...with pizzazz!

Tired of teaching the same content, with the same lessons, forever? Trying flipping your lessons with EdPuzzle! EdPuzzle allows you to:

  • Crop intriguing videos to include only critical content
  • Add a voice over, or add voice notes to help keep students on the same track, as well as add points of interest.
  • Embed formative assessment, as well as allow students to add commentary to make sure they understand the content.

Data Driven Instruction

Want to use data to inform your instruction but not sure where to start? EdPuzzle can help you with that.

EdPuzzle provides real-time data, from questions that you create, that can help you drive your instruction.

  • Color-coded charts rating proficiency
  • Broken down my percentages
  • Extended response can give you a glimpse of the ideas circulating after watching your lessons.

Introduction to EdPuzzle

Monday, May 11th, 3:30pm

435 East Main Street

Middletown, NY