7th Grade Newsletter

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May 16th - May 20th

Grade Level Information

Upcoming Dates:

5/19 - Zoo Field Trip

5/20 - ALL FEES DUE - If you do not pay your fees, you will not be allowed to participate in field day

5/25 - Field Day - Dress Code: No short shorts, no body paint

5/26 - Awards Day at 8am in the BMS gym

5/27 - Last Day of School

Field Trip Information:

Our field trip to Zoo Atlanta and the Hard Rock Cafe is Thursday. We will leave BMS at 8:30 and will return to school at 5:00. Be sure you have made arrangements to have your child picked up no later than 5:00. If you are one of our parent chaperons, be sure to be at the school by 7:35 for our chaperon meeting in the auditorium

Language Arts

Cable: complete reading class novel; last independent reading report/project due Wednesday May 18th

Johnson: Finish novel study on The Giver, novel test, verbals

Taylor: Continue non fiction: 10 Days: Anne Frank. Grammar preview: passive and active voice. Book reports are due Friday 13th. I will only take late book reports on Monday 5/16. Anything after that is a 0.


7th Grade Math: We will continue our 8th Grade Preview Unit. Classes will be working on slope of a line, graphing linear equations, and systems. The 8th Grade Preview Test will be on Friday, 5/20.


Webster: We will finish our study of amphibians by dissecting on Tuesday & Wednesday next week. If your hair is long, please wear it up or back on those days!

Cochran and Larson: We will finish building our catapults and will test them throughout the week.

Duncan: We have "Stormed the Castle" to learn about elastic potential energy, kinetic energy, and work. We have "Floated Our Boats" to learn about buoyant force. We have built "Towers of Power" to learn about forces. Next, we will be building egg drop vehicles to learn about inertia.

Social Studies

Social studies classes will be presenting their Decades Projects.​

Castleman: Decades project presentations (1st, 4th, & 5th); All - preview of Georgia Studies

Parent Info

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