Ludwig van Beethoven

[1770-1827] Created by: Wassim Merzoug

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Beethoven's Childhood

Ludwig Van Beethoven was a brother of seven children. He was born in Bonn Germany on December 17,1770. His mother was called Maria and his father was called Johann. His dad was very demanding of him to do well in music. He was a very talented musician at a young age.
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Where He Lived

Beethoven lived in Bonn Germany with his family. When he turned 17 he made his first trip to Vienna Italy where he started to live. He would have to go back to Bonn due to his father and a sister's death.
Symphony No. 9 ~ Beethoven

His Music

Beethoven was very well known for his Symphonies, one of his most famous one is Ode to Joy from Symphony No.9. This symphony's soft melody is well known all over the world. During his time in Vienna he had met Mozart who told him "You will make a big noise in the world." He also met Mozart's rival, Salieri, who Beethoven dedicated three violin sonatas to him. Beethoven wasn't only known for his soft music but also for his loud music. One loud symphony he made was