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March 26, 2019

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Congratulations to Mr. Duce on earning his iLead Chromebook! iLead is the administrator version of the 5C badge program, and Mr. Duce was one of 2 FISD high school principals to earn his Chromebook this month!
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TTESS and Bulb

As you start to collect evidence for your TTESS appraisal, you might consider Bulb as a place to house that in a sleek, professional way. As a bonus, you will learn more about setting up a Bulb portfolio and you will be better able to encourage student use.

If you need help, you can check out instructions here for setting up a Bulb portfolio (your instructions are the same as the kids) or you can give me a shout.

I just found out that Bulb rosters your classes, so if you have students share items with you, you can see them easily!

Blazer Button of the Week- #BetterTogether

Support an LTHS group or activity that you are not normally involved with and encourage students to do the same. Take a selfie (or just a photo) at the event you attend and tweet it out. Be sure to include @LebanonTrailHS and #BetterTogether in your tweet. Check out the example below.

We have a ton of stuff going on this week! Softball, Baseball, Winterguard, Track, Soccer, and more! Be sure to check out the calendar from Friday's Principal's corner.

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Google Draw- Everything You Never Knew You Could Do

Another DLC shared this resource with me about using Google Draw. I like it not only as a cool resource with great information, but as a model of what can be possible for students (or you!) to make! What a great way to show what you know! Click here to check it out!

License to carry- laptops

How do your students carry laptops? Do the hold it with one hand by the screen? Swing it around? Pretend to smack each other upside the head with them? Does one student try to carry 6 at a time in one hand?

This week we sadly lost a brand new Chromebook...one we had just gotten in to replace a broken one...because it was dropped. Now we only know it was dropped because of the crack in the plastic by the charging port. It's small, but it has rendered the laptop unusable. Now we will replace that brand new one with an old used device.

Please help us teach the kids that our technology isn't disposable. That it costs money- about $200 per laptop- and that they should take care of it so that students can continue to use computers in the classroom.

PS- the Austin College cart only has 13 computers until we can get the 2 broken ones replaced.

WeVideo Reminder

The district has purchased some licenses for us to use for WeVideo. If you want your class to do a video project using WeVideo, you need to give me some advanced notice so I can get some of those licenses applied to the kids who will need them.

It is an awesome tool, and kids can use it on their phones, on ipads or on Chromebooks! There is even now stock footage available on the app version. Read more about that here. WeVideo also supports linked resources using Google Drive. That means students can add scripts or other documents and edit them from within the WeVideo window without switching back and forth between programs. Check out the video below done by a Wakeland student using WeVideo!

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NEW feature in Google Drive

Google Drive has released a couple of new features in drive, a Priority page and Workspaces.

You can read more about these here.

As with all Google updates, this will be a gradual roll out so you may see it sooner or later than your friends. The Priority Page will appear right under the "New" button in Drive.