Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Why do you want to reduce?

You want to reduce because in the long run your power bill will go down and you won't waste as much as you would usually waste.
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REDUCE: you want to cut back on the amount of energy or waste used

Ways to reduce the use of things:

  • reduce the amount of paper products being used.
  • Reduce the amount of energy being used.
-Lighting : use energy saving bulbs and take advantage of sunlight because when it is sunny you could just turn your lights off and use the sunlight.

-Refrigerators/Freezers: avoid keeping the doors open for long periods of time, keep them organized and do not overfill them

-Ovens: you could plan to cook several meals at a time and avoid opening the oven door.

- In general avoid running appliances and other energy sources all day long if unnecessary.

- Take shorter showers.