The Kiowa

By: Hayley Gibson

Region Of Texas Which They Lived

The Kiowa actually lived in the Texas panhandle, which includes Western Oklahoma.

Type Of Food They Ate

Buffalo was the main meat the Kiowa ate, but they also ate small game like birds and rabbits, wild potatoes, fruits and nuts, though the Kiowa did not do much farming, corn was also part of their diet, they got corn by trading with neighboring tribes.

How Was Their Food Obtained

The Kiowa were Nomads which meant they moved around a lot, they would follow their prey, gather nuts and berries and traded local tribes for corn.
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Type Of Dwelling They Live In

The Kiowas lived in small cone shaped homes called Teepee's, because the Kiowa were Nomads, they needed a shelter that could be easily transported, so a Teepee was the perfect pick.

Weapons And Or/ Tools They Used

Kiowa hunters used bows and arrows. In war, Kiowa men fired their bows or fought with war clubs and hide shields.

Special Traditions They Had And/ Or Religion

The Kiowa had a very complicated religion, the Kiowa religion is based on sacred power, a force that could only be found in the universe and could be found by spirits, objects, places, and natural phenomenon. Some of the traditions they had were a Sun Dance it was a sign of individual healing and self-renewal, it is the most important tradition for the Kiowa, women also dressed in elk skin and Elk teeth, it was believed to be powerful love magic. A woman wearing elk skin and teeth was irresistible to men.

Organization Of Leadership

Status distinctions reflected wealth, warfare honors, and political power. Highest prestige went to chiefs of the largest bands and to religious leaders, they also organized their tribe by age.

Where Are They Located Now Or What Became Of Them

The Kiowa are still alive today, they were moved and are still located on a reservation in Oklahoma, the Kiowa also have a casino in Oklahoma which provides money for the tribe.

Unique Fact Or Characteristic

1. The Kiowa own a casino in Oklahoma.

2. The Kiowa had a language.

3. The Kiowa are still a tribe today, with a booming population of 12,000 people!

4. Important Kiowa chief often had several wives, and divorce was very common.

5. Horses were common marriage gifts.