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Do you want to improve your English? Are you shy to speak in front of other people? Do you need to practice speaking? Have you heard about Conversational English Webinars? There are many advantages to learning English online:

1. You can learn English at your own pace: no need to rush over the material, you can take your time to read the explanations, the exercises, and more.

2. Online courses have been proved to be effective because they accommodate multiple learning styles. It can be more efficient for certain students to learn online than in a classroom, so why not try it?

3. You also have the advantage of learning it at your own place: you will be in a friendly and comfortable environment.

4. You will save time and money. Indeed, with online learning, you don’t have to take time off work to learn English. You will save on traveling costs, living expenses or course fees: as a result, learning English online will be cheaper than a normal course so you will be a winner!

5. Materials will be available 24/7 for you: so if you miss a lesson, don’t worry, you can easily read the material at a later date!

6. Asking questions is made easy.

7. Online courses facilitate team learning: with online forums for discussion and chatrooms, you will be able to communicate more easily with people taking the same course as you.

8. You will be able to meet people from all around the world: indeed online courses break down geographical barriers and through your class discussions, you can discover new cultures.


Become a more confident English speaker!

Have you ever sat in a restaurant or stood in a group at a party and felt paralyzed and unable to speak because you were afraid of slowing down the conversation or being laughed at?

Of course you have! Everyone has.

This is what language learning is all about!

But this feeling can can cause us to get discouraged and give up. Sometimes language learning can be lonely and that´s why I have come up with the idea of conversational webinars.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to attend all webinars? NO, you can choose the ones you are interested in.

How long are the webinars? Each webinar is 60min long.

Do you offer a discount? Yes! Register to 2 of our webinars and get a 50% discount.

What can I learn? You can widen your vocabulary, improve your grammar and practice speaking.

Conversational English Webinars- Educational solutions for awesome people!






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