Crossroads Academy HS & DAEP

Principal's Newsletter June 24, 2020

Closing our first instructional year @ Crossroads Academy H.S.

On June 18, 2020 Crossroads Academy H.S. officially held our final day of instruction closing the summer school session. Two of our students, Enrique Hernandez & Andrew Gonzales hustled until the very end, and became the 58th and 59th Crossroads Academy Graduates. These young men and their dedication & persistence embody the spirit of our campus as a school that offers individually designed and unique pathways to academic success and graduation. Our 59 graduates make up over 50% of the 117 active students who attended Crossroads Academy during our inaugural school year. These students are a part of the history of Crossroads and Uvalde CISD. Their academic, professional, and life paths will go on to lead the future of our community and our world.

Immediately following the close of instruction, several members of our team began working on improving our instruction and service at Crossroads through a scheduled two-week curriculum development cycle establishing project based learning options. This initiative has come about through the support and guidance of our district's curriculum and instruction team, but it is also born from the voices of our students and their families. We look forward to improving the impact of our teaching and learning at Crossroads through marrying project based learning and blended learning for the start of the new school year.

Use the link below to access our presentation on Project Based Learning @ Crossroads Academy

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