Precious Lives Wasted

American's Perspective on WWI

America Stay Out Of The War

Over 320,000 US soldiers lost their lives in World War I. Thats 320,00 families that were destroyed with the thought of their loved ones dying in a war that the US didn't need to fight in. The fighting conditions were horrid and terrible. Trench warfare was the main fighting style, in the trenches the soldiers had to live in fear, and horrible conditions, many soldiers contracted Gang Green a virus that ate away from the skin. Artillery was a new way of fighting and destroyed people. The lucky ones died from Artillery strikes, and the ones who didn't went home to their families and they didn't even recognize them. Their faces were completely blown off, they couldn't see, talk, drink eat, smell or even hear. Society talks war up like it's a good thing "Go fight for your country! support your troops!" In reality, America didn't even have to go to war, they lost lives, destroyed families, and ruined lives of those who may of been lucky to survive, for what? Nothing.

The weaponry overseas

The weaponry is nothing like we have ever seen before. Flamethrowers shower the battle field with fire reaching up to 130 feet incinerating everything and everyone in front of them. Machine guns that rapid fire and reload themselves mow down the front lines of soldiers. Airplanes now mounted with machine guns hover over the battle fields with relenting force attacking the US troops. Grenades fly into their trenches causing confusion, before you know you it, a soldiers leg is gone and a couple dead. The weaponry in this war is nothing like we have seen before, and is more dangerous than ever, dont go to war to just waste lives in something we don't need to be fighting for.