Electrical Panel Upgrade

How Do You Know If You Need an Electrical Panel Upgrade?

How Do You Know If You Need an Electrical Panel Upgrade?

Many don’t know when to change or upgrade their electrical panels. Many Long Island homes are NOT up to code for their main electrical box. As electrical panels are the power house of your house, you should ensure that it is working properly. This is mostly made of steel and inside there will be many types of wires and connectors.

Circuit breakers are able to turn on the power and turn off the power of your house. During electrical surges, the circuit breakers will cut the power supply and thus ensure there is no major damage. Tripping is one of the common issues with circuit breakers. When the wires in the circuit are not able to carry power through it properly, then it will break and the whole power system is affected. If circuit breakers are tipping often in your home, this is a sign that it is time for an upgrade.

The wiring and all components should then be checked to isolate and identify the issues that pave way for tripping. Mostly you can add an additional panel to the main panel and improve the capacity of the circuit breaker. Otherwise, you can think about upgrading it.

You should be aware of the fact that upgrading the circuit panel will not improve the power flow to your house. For this you have to ask for assistance of an experienced Electrician nassau county. In order to improve the flow of electricity throughout the home you need of new circuit breakers, cables, electrical meter etc.

As safety is the primary concern, it is better to call an electrician for doing all these specialty tasks, instead of doing everything by yourself.

Many factors have to be considered before buying a circuit panel. There are various brands in this field. The Electrical panel upgrade program should be started after checking the brands that are offering improved services. You should be able to check the present need of power supply and the future need of power supply before buying circuit panels. As it is not an easy task to change panels every year, one should be able to identify the power needs and buy power panels according to future demands.

While thinking about an electrical panel upgrade, you should check the components and factors that are essential. Some of the these components include bus, bars, neutral bars, grounding bus bars, circuit breakers, and main breaker. Ampere changes as per requirement. Normally it will come in the 100 to 20 range. The circuit breakers are in the GFCI, AFCI, single pole and double pole range. One should consider all these factors while buying circuit panels.

You all know that appliances are powered only when electricity travels through wires and circuits. Wirers should be connected with the main panel and this panel should be switched on. Components present in a normal break panel are main breaker, circuit breakers, bus and bars.

Again, you will get many types of breaker panels. There are main plug panels, sub-panels, main breaker panels and transfer switches. The main breaker panel is the core type among break panels. It is this panel from which electricity flows to the entire building. Switching on these panels allows power to pass through all the other sub panels. The entire building will be in dark if anyone switches of this panel.

This is a double pole circuit breaker that has to be installed 10 feet away from the feeder cable and meter. The main wires will be running through the main lug panel. There are people who use this as the sub panel. It depends of the requirement. Sub panels can be used separately if the power consumption is high. An experienced electrician is able to tell you when you have to upgrade your existing main circuit breaker. More Details about Electrican in long Island Newyork contact us : http://www.biancoelectric.com

Electrical Panel Upgrade

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