Sunday Announcements

March 15, 2015


  • Women's Wellness Week:
-------- Free Yoga Class - March 16 2:30pm @ Noyes
-------- Hear Me Roar talk - March 16 5:30pm @ Call Auditorium
-------- Free Martial Arts Class - March 18 2:30pm @ Noyes
-------- Panhellenic Coffee Tab - surprise time and day @ Libe Cafe
  • Seniors: St. Patty's Day Lunch - March 17 @ The Nines
  • PC '12 and PC'14: Sake bombing pregame - Date TBD @ Miyake (see PC 12 and 15 announcement)
  • Day of Demeter - March 21 (see Panhel Del announcement)
  • Girl Scout Cookie Sale - March 21 12-6pm @ Mann Library and KD House
  • Crush - March 21 9:30pm-12am @ Moonies
  • Appointed Officer Q&A - March 22 12:30 in chapter room (come if interested in applying)
  • Daggermen Initiation - March 22 1pm at the house
  • Get Pie'd to save lives - April 7 11am-3pm (see Relay for Life announcement)
  • Relay for Life - April 10
  • Sisterhood Hibachi - April 11 5pm @ Tokyo
  • Mili's Dance-a-thon - April 25 7-10pm @ Pixel
  • Formal - April 26 9:30-11pm @ Lakewatch
  • Senior Wills! - May 5th @ Llenroc


  • Relay for Life (see announcement):
-------- sign up and submit ideas
-------- decorate Luminaria bags March 22 from 11am-2pm at the house
-------- sign up to get pie'd for "Pie for Life" event on April 7

President - Tarina DeRito

Good evening ladies!

I hope you had a lovely weekend and that you are ready for the week to come! I am always available to answer questions, address concerns, or just talk! Call me, beep me, if you want to reach me! 602.790.2445

Also, as prelim season continues I want you all to remember two things:

Big image
Love in AOT,

Tarina DeRito

VP OPERATIONS - Jen Mandelblatt (jpm367)

Hi lovelies,

A few things to go over:

1. Here is the link to part of the appointed officer application. In the explanation at the top you will find a link to the descriptions of each position and who currently holds those positions. In addition, please send me a letter of intent about your top choice(s). The letter should not exceed one page but it does not need to fill a page. We are not Goldman Sachs, we are just your sisters interested in learning about why you are applying! Both the google form and letter are due April 22nd at 11:59 p.m. This semester, ALL current appointed officers interested in keeping their positions will have to reapply.

2. On Sunday, March 22 at 12:30 I ask that current appointed officers and ladies interested in applying come to the house for appointed officer Q&As. APOs look out for a separate email. We will meet in the chapter room and I may or may not have some snacks...

3. Remind your parents to RSVP by Friday through the google form and to include you in the count.



VP COMMUNITY SERVICE - Alex McClellan (ahm236)

Girl Scouts:


  • What: What sorority can raise the most money in coins
  • Where: The jugs will be at Terrace from 11-2 PM Monday, March 16th and in RPCC from 6-8 PM on Friday, March 20th
  • Why: The sorority that raises the most money gets 50% of the funds! The other 50% will go to Push America, Pi Kapp's philanthropy that works to help people with disabilities
  • How you can help: Break your piggy banks and donate to our jug! Also tell your friends
  • More details: Check out their Facebook event

Also, everyone please consider applying for the Shamrock Committee appointed officer position! We are going to need lots of friends to make our Shamrock event the coolest/most fun/the creme de la creme of all philanthropy events.

Peace out Girl Scouts

VP PUBLIC RELATIONS - Maple Chen (mc2225)

post a pic with something ~green~ in honor of St. Patrick's!! be creative!!

don't forget- Daggerman Initiation is next Sunday at 1 pm and shouldn't take more than an hour at most! come hang with our fav guys.

Lunch in Letters:

Monday 11-2 with Bridget in Terrace

Wednesday 12-2 with Nikki in Duffield

ok i'm at rehearsal right now so i can't do the sign up sheet for quarter cards for cookies right now but i will post it when i get home in the facebook group! luv u guyz

peace, love, a small green hat,


PANHELLENIC DELEGATE - Josselyn Tsai (jt566)

Day of Demeter is an annual tri-council event. It is a day of service where students from Greek organizations go out into the Ithaca and Tompkins County community to do volunteer work for various organizations. This year, we will be volunteering at the YMCA, Cayuga Ridge Extended Care, Ithaca's Children Garden, and the Ithaca Sciencenter as well as many more organizations. Check in will be held at Willard Straight Hall room 413 (Art Gallery). All volunteers must check in at their assigned time. A light breakfast will be served.

The Cornell University Panhellenic Association is proud to announce the annual Women's Wellness Week will be taking place from March 16th-March 20th! This week will include multiple exciting events such as a nationally recognized keynote self-empowerment speaker, self defense classes, free fitness classes, raffle prizes, coffee tabs, and more! We're looking forward to promoting the health, well-being, and inner beauty of not only Cornell Panhellenic women, but all women on campus.

Jennifer Cassetta, the keynote speaker, will be presenting her nationally acclaimed, "Hear Me Roar" self-empowerment lecture on March 16th from 5:30pm-7:00pm in Call Auditorium. "Hear Me Roar" will be an interactive event motivating women to protect their minds, bodies, and hearts, and will include a self-defense workshop. AOT group O is going!!

Other scheduled events include:

  • A free yoga class on March 16th at 2:30pm in Noyes
  • A free martial arts class on March 18th at 2:30pm in Noyes
  • A surprise Panhellenic coffee tab in Libe café

Secretary - Kimmi Schonhorst

Points form #10

I will finish counting up points this week and let you know if you are in danger of not meeting the requirements! If you have any questions, let me know!


PC'12 and PC'14 Club Chairs

Hey PC'12 and PC'14!

As you know Crush weekend is quickly approaching us and on Friday night at 8:30 we are planning a sake bombing pregame before our mixer! There is however a conflict with Friday night, with there being an acapella concert that some of our sisters are involved in, so with that in mind we are considering rescheduling to Thursday night instead, or possibly after spring break. Below in addition to the sign up link, I have included a questionnaire regarding which day, Thursday, Friday or after break would work best to do the pregame! Let me know what you all think and we will know tomorrow based on that what the plan will be! Thanks so much!

AOT- Senior club chairs Vera and Alyssa and Sophomore club chair Carriel

Sign up:

Google Form:

Relay for Life Chair - Laura Fletcher

Hi friends!

Fun Relay-related things:

1. Keep signing up here! The KD team will be all the better if everyone is on it and it just takes a second when you register with Facebook!

2. Submit on-site fundraising ideas for us to do at the event here!

3. The Luminaria ceremony at Relay for Life is when we light up the track with white paper bags decorated and dedicated to people who have battled cancer. Luminaria was the reason I fell in love with Relay and can really connect you to the event at a personal level, so I thought it'd be fun to make them together! Next Sunday 3/22 from 11ish to 2ish, I'll be hanging out in the dining room with lots of luminaria bags and things to decorate them with for anyone signed up for Relay!

4. Emma and Stacy are designing Relay shirts! For every sister who buys one, KD will donate $1-$5 to our Relay team. So, you're not only repping KD at this amazing philanthropy event, but helping us fundraise as well! More info to come.

5. APO is running Pie for Life the week before Relay on Ho Plaza! On Tuesday, April 7th, they've asked us to send 1 or 2 KD's for each hour between 11am-3pm for people to pie for donations! Sign up at this link!

I Relay, Relay love you all,


House Manager - Laya Mallela

Hi! I have three announcements today.

1. First, I would like to apologize to anyone who was offended by comments about disliking house manager today at Chapter. I did not realize people would interpret them that way. The house managing position is challenging, and sometimes not the most fun, but I have learned a lot about managing people and on the spot problem solving. If any PC'15er is interested in the position please reach out to me. It has been a rewarding position.

2. PC'15: There will be a housing contract meeting most likely after the first Sunday following Spring Break. This will be a mandatory meeting, so you will have to send an excuse if you cannot attend. Look out for more details

3. Seniors: If you have guest at the house over graduation, I will send you details over Spring Break!

I am open to any questions/comments/concerns/friendships!




Hey girls! So our mixer attendance this weekend was lackluster and guys definitely noticed. I know we have a lot of events, and we don't expect you to make it to all of them, but even going to an average of one a week would help. 20-30 girls per mixer is only a little more than 10-15% of our chapter, that's such a small number. If we don't start showing up, we will have way less mixers and with way less organizations next semester and not by our choice. We had trouble with attendance last semester as well so let's try to start getting our numbers up!

Thursday - ZBT- 10 pm ZBT doesn't have a house so it will take place at an annex in Collegetown, which means probably no rides, we'll keep you updated on the location! Theme is TBD

Friday - LAMBDA - 10 pm - rides from KD and Schwartz - Theme is TBD

****Thank you to our awesome sober monitor volunteers! If you change your mind about sobering, please find a replacement!

Don’t forget about sober driving also! Leave your name and phone number in the sober column!


See you ALL there!!!!

xoxo socialz

Events Chairs


(but don't be scarred to ask questions; we love to clarify!)


Date ✧ March 21st

Time ✧ 9:30pm-12:00am

Place ✧ Moonies

Theme ✧ Birthday Bash

• BEFORE YOU SIGN UP YOUR CRUSHES HERE, READ THESE FIVE IMPORTANT POINTS (1) Please use correct names and email without emojis or exclamation points. (2) Include real email addresses so we can send invites (3) I will be emailing crush invites throughout the week. If your crush is highlighted in yellow on the doc they are officially invited (4) Crushes are due Friday March 20th at 11:59pm NO EXCEPTIONS. (5) Thank you for reading all of that here is the real link to the crush sign up.

• Buses will be at Schwartz at 9:15PM and looping the rest of the night

• Bring two forms of ID (one must be state issued)

• We are crushing pike, phi tau, llenroc and sig ep! You can talk to those boys about it now.

• Moonies has kindly offered us a $500 bar tab. We will not advertise openly to guests about the tab, but you can if you want.


Date ✧ Date Dash

Time ✧ Date Dash O'Clock

Place ✧ Level B

Theme ✧ Tacky
• We will announce the event, at the earliest, 24 hours before it starts. The whole idea is to have fun scrambling to find a date. The time crunch has the potential to give you the confidence to ask that person you've always wanted to.

• The tacky theme just means dress in your tackiest most ridiculous clothing. 80's prom dresses are a great example.

• If you somehow magically manage to figure out the date, please do not spoil the fun for your sisters!


Date ✧ April 26th

Time ✧ 9:30-11:00pm

Place ✧ Lakewatch Inn

Theme ✧ Awards Show

• Unlike formals in the past, we will have a pizza and salad bar for dinner. So it's like a fancy pizza party! If you have any dietary restrictions, please fill out this form. If you do not fill out this form you will not have food at formal.

• The "Awards Show" theme is meant to include everyones favorite things such as sparkles, dressing up real fancy, power couples, and insignificant recognitions. We will hopefully have real awards to hand out and are crossing our fingers for some drunken acceptance speeches.

Sisterhood Chairs

Hey hey heyy!

For those of you who missed this during chapter, we are glad to announce....


WHEN: April 11th at 5pm

WHERE: Tokyo

We will enjoy a wonderful hibachi dinner including soup and salad and, as a special treat, we’ll also get edamame and California rolls.

Mark your calendars and get ready! There’s space for up to 100 girls and the signups will be seniority based. More details about signups and other logistics will be sent on the Wednesdayannouncements so stay tuned!!!


Sisterhood chairs,
Caroline, Karishma & Adriana

Health and Wellness Chairs

Hi Everyone!

Good job with GYMMING IN LETTERS last week! It was so fun seeing all these pictures of KDs being healthy and having fun. If you participated please email your picture to Sarah Lam (sl772) to get your point!

This week, we will be having:

Spinning on Monday morning - 7:30AM (Olivia)

Pilates on Wednesday and Friday afternoon - 12:15PM (Slam)

Gymming at Helen Newman Everyday at 9:30PM (Taylor)

Come out with us and relieve some stress during prelims (and maybe get the chance to win a prize)! :)


Venture for America

Hi sisters!!

As you may know, I'm involved with a club on campus called Social Business Consulting. We're a pro-bono consulting organization that provides services for nonprofits and other socially-minded companies worldwide. This semester, my friend Kritika is leading a project for Venture for America (check them out, super super cool:

We believe Kappa Delta sisters could contribute a lot in expanding our understanding of students’ perception of VFA and of their job search in general.

We are gathering data through a short, 5 minute survey. We would greatly appreciate your help in filling out this survey and subsequently attending a short focus group session in the weeks following.

The survey is completely anonymous, and all submissions are eligible to win a $50 gift card through our raffle!

Survey Link:

We are incredibly thankful for your help! Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions about SBC, VFA, etc. :)

AOT and happy Sunday,



More about Venture for America

VFA is a fellowship program for recent grads who want to learn how to build a business while making an impact. VFA Fellows get training and join a startup in an emerging US city, where they live and work for two years at one of hundreds of VFA’s partner companies.

Camp Kesem Counselor Information

Hi everyone!

We're Jia and Dana and we're the volunteer coordinators at a new organization on campus called Camp Kesem Cornell. Camp Kesem chapters all over the US are groups that organize and fundraise week-long, completely free summer camps for kids whose parents have cancer. Because it's our first year here at Cornell, we're looking for counselors!

Our camp is going to be held from August 9th-14th in the Ithaca area -- so there's enough time to be back at school for O-week. If you want to learn more about our organization, check out

The counselor application can be accessed by going to the link below:

[Note: the camp dates on this website are not accurate.]

Instructions to Apply:

1. Scroll down until you find Cornell University

2. Click "add"

3. On the right side, under "your selections" press continue

4. Follow directions

5. Submit app

6. We'll email you about an interview!

Any questions? Contact or

Thanks so much,

Jia and Dana

Unique Summer Opportunity - Support for InternationalChange

Have you ever wanted to make a difference in the world? Are you interested in Global Health? Do you want an invaluable summer experience?

Experience total immersion a rural Tanzanian culture and gain valuable leadership skills in the health field with Support for International Change, an organization dedicated to ending HIV/AIDS in Tanzania. Apply Now to volunteer this summer. The application deadline is March 31st.

For more information visit If you are interested or have any questions contact Kimberly Schonhorst (

Maria Chak for Student Assembly

My name is Maria Chak. I serve as a Freshman Representative on the Student Assembly, and Chair of the Student Assembly’s Committee on Inclusion and Diversity Initiatives. With a semester and a half of S.A. experience under my belt, I was able to plan, create, and successfully run “Breaking Biases: A Discussion about On-Campus Biases.” Right now, I am seeking re-election as one of the Minority Representatives on the Student Assembly. Below are some ideas from my platform:

  1. I will incorporate safe space workshops on Cornell’s campus to understand LGBTQ+, race, non-citizen/international status, socioeconomic status, and gender challenges. This can bring the community together to understand the different walks of life that each student has on campus.

  2. I will create a mentorship program for first generation college students, which will consist of two parts: a) a volunteer program to call first generation college students and to answer any concerns or questions and b) a mentorship program that mirrors SWAG to increase graduation rates and GPAs.

  3. If elected, I intend to meet with every marginalized identity-themed organization by the end of the semester to understand the issues they face and develop an S.A. action plan to address these concerns on campus.

If you have any concerns or questions then please feel free to contact me at