From Cows To Ice Cream

By Grace Franke 3sr


Did you know that you need cows to make ice cream?This book is about ice cream.Ways people use ice cream is ice cream sandwiches and ice cream cones.


Ice cream begins with dairy cows and sugar.People get milk from the dairy cows.Then they get eggs from the chickens.They have to be careful so they don't scare the animals away.Then they send it to the factory.


At the Factory milk gets put into a machine called a separator.In the separator the milk and cream gets separated.Next the milk,cream,eggs and sugar gets put into a machine called a vat.Then they add stabilizers and emulsifiers.They mix all these ingredients.Then they put the mixture in a pasteurizer.What the pasteurizer does is it heats up the mix to kill any harmful bacteria.Then the mixture gos into a homogenizer.In the homogenizer it breaks down any small particales of butter fat.Then they put all the ingredients into a flavor vat.Next they add all the flavors.Finale they pump the mix into the freezer.

Fun Facts

1.Ice cream basically's made up of little ice crystals,air bubbles and fat droplets.

2. The key to producing ice cream is to make the bubbles and ice crystals really small.

3. Did you know that you need cows to make ice cream?


Now you have ice cream. Ice cream is good in ice cream sundaes.