Personality Quiz

1) What class are you from?

A) Top class--my family is rich.

B) Filthy rich, but I wasn't always so.

C) My family is well off but we aren't rich.

D) Poor.

2) Have you attended a Gatsby party?

A) Yes, but the are quite offensive to me.

B) Why yes, i'm the host of those parties.

C) They're musical places with much opportunity.

D) Cant get away from the Valley of Ashes.

3) How do you travel?

A) I get driven around by my chauffeur.

B) I have a beautiful yellow car i drive everywhere.

C) I ride in anything. Cars, trains, walk, ECT.

D) I ride the train.

4) Do you own Jewels?

A) I have a whole lot of jewels BC my husband spoils me.

B) I have a lot of jewels but it took a while to work for them.

C) I don't have many very expensive jewelry but I have some.

D) I'm broke. I have no money.

5) Do you have nice cloths?

A) Ohh yes, my cloths are beautiful.

B) Why yes, my cloths get imported fresh and new every week.

C) my cloths are descent.

D) My cloths are dirty but sometimes clean.

6) What job do you have?

A) I am way too rich to work.

B) I bootleg, and steal money from bonds.

C) I work with bonds.

D) I stay home and be a good wife house.

7) What do you think about the proper role for a woman?

A) Women can only be beautiful fools.

B) Women should be rich and classy.

C) Women need to know everything that's happening in town.

D) Women stay home and please their husband.

8) If you where given $1000, what would you spend it on?

A) I don't need it BC i have way more than that.

B) I would run away with the women i love.

C) My wife and I would get a better house.

D) I would by nice cloths so i can look like i'm rich.

9) If you could be any animal, what would it be?

A) I would be a little poodle because i can be carried around in a purse and be pampered.

B) I would be A wolf and be the alpha dog.

C) I would be a wise owl.

D) I would be a rat because i would always be scavenging for food.

10) What is your favorite food?

A) Filet mignon

B) Caviar.

C) Salad.

D) beans and hot dogs.

Daisy: (A) The riches woman who doesn't feel that she needs to work. Stuck up stay at home wife. She has friends but only the ones in her social class.

Gatsby: (B) Worked hard for his status in life. Believes in love. Don't take anything from anyone .

Nick: (C) Middle class man. Just goes with the flow. Has a job, but doesn't pay too much. life isn't very exciting. but aren't poor.

Myrtle: (D) Poor house wife. Husband works but makes almost no money. Gold digger. All you want is money. Life isn't too happy.