Vote Mirna For School Leader

By:Mirna 5K

If I Was School Leader

You should vote for me because i will make lots of changes in our school for example i will make our school a cleaner place, i will respect people like they respect me, if people are doing the wrong thing i will tell the person nicely not to do it, i will be a nice student and i would make our school a fun place for you so you don't think school is so boring.

About Me

Hi my name is Mirna i'm in 5K. Some people in our school know me because i participate in KIP and Active After School.In KIP it is all about making new friends,learning new things and keeping us healthy.In Active After School we ride bikes and we play games like Fruit salad,Ship Deck Shore,Poison Ball and Hockey with noodles for swimming also in Active After School we have to be halved that's the part i hate because sometimes me and my best friend Natalie get split up.Guess what i am obsessed with YouTube why because of all the vloggers, DIY'S,fashion,challenges and gaming videos.The youtubers i am obsessed with are shaytards(shaycarl),BFVSGF also knowned as prank vs prank,Bethany Mota,Cameron Dallas,krazyrayray,Rclbeauty101 and Rosanna Pansino. My favourite song at the moment is I'm all about that base by Meghan Trainor. Now lets talk about friends my friends are trustworthy like Natalie guess how many years we have been friends for 4 years so we have been friends since year 2.

Interesting Facts

1.I am flexible-splits,handstand into back bend, handstand,cartwheel,back bend and many more.

2.I have 7 cousins from my mum side and 10 on my dads side.

3.I only have 1 brother.

4.I have stayed in my house for my whole life which means i haven't moved yet.

5.I have never went to the hospital since growing up.

6.I have my own IPad.

7.I have to share a room with my brother.

8.I nearly broke my left arm by doing a back bend.

9.I get sick easily.

10.I hate going camp.

What I Want To Be When I'm Older

When i am older i want to be a beautician because i like doing these type of stuff my mum inspired me when i am older to be a beautician because my mum always goes there and i get to see how they work there and guess what every time i go there people call me cute like seriously and when i say i am in year 5 its like they have a shock.I think i know why they have a shock because they think im short.