The Ultimate Candy Dispenser

Are you a business owner? Do you have a child with a 'sweet-tooth' at home?

This amazing and innovative dispenser not only tells you the level of the candy but also is motion detected. You can have candy just by the way of a hand! At the low price of $79.99 you can enjoy your favorite candy instantly. If you order by 12/15 you can get your own personal dispenser for 49.99. (plus P&H)

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Tyler Patrick

I am the Co Founder of the 'Merica Candy dispenser. I am 16 years old and I have done most 'woodwork' of this project.

Jalen Cornell

I am the Co Founder of the 'Merica Project. I am 16 years old and I have done most of the marketing for this project.

The Problem

A candy company needs a miniature candy machine for their 50th anniversary. The machine must be able to dispense 2 types of candy.

Research the Problem

The majority of candy machines are overall boring and undesirable upon sitting on the shelf at your favorite eatery. These machines degenerate the profits for the vending company.

Developing Possible Solutions

Primarily to make our candy machines stand out from the others, we developed new technologies on how the candy is delivered to the customer. Some of our ideas included:

  • Bluetooth selection via smartphone including credit card payment
  • Motion Sensor Delivery
  • Traditional Revamped Design (original made more fun for the user
  • Electronic candy selection with screen and sound.

Choosing the best solution

We decided to combine the motion sensor delivery methods and add an LCD screen that displays the candy selection as well as a speaker that speaks the customers selection for the blind. In addition, the added credit card slot will allow a wider range of customers and payment options.


  • Overall, the product will allow a larger audience because it can be used by the blind.
  • The LCD screen gives clear indication for the used to what candy he or she is taking.
  • The credit card slot will allow the processing of a wider range of payments in a growing technical world.

Please join us for our communication keynote on 12/15/2014


  • We have decided to add a stand option for our machine that will allow it to stand freely without the need of a table top.
  • In addition, we are going to add a membership system in which members who buy lots of candy from our machines will be rewarded with free candy whenever they have enough points.
  • Lastly, we are going to add a battery system to the dispenser so that owners can use the device without a static power source. Approx. batt. life is 3600 hours.

Thank you.