Mrs. Blalock's Bulletin

Class Update 3/16/16

Dates to Remember

  • March 18th Biography Presentations 8:00am in our Classroom
  • March 21st- Send in any "spa" donated items for our Class Auction Basket
  • March 22 Second Graders Sing at PTO Meeting at 7:00pm/Student need to wear blue and go to the Gym by 6:45pm.
  • March 25- No School/Flood Make-Up Day Waved
  • March 28- April 1st SPRING BREAK

Media Messages- Newsletter from the Library

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In Chapter 11, students will estimate and practice measuring lengths in centimeters and meters. Students will measure with the appropriate tool and determine how much longer one object is than another, and then express the difference.

Students will continue studying facts by heart.

Extra Practice:

Language Arts

In Reading, students will use story clues along with background knowledge to make inferences and draw conclusions in text.

Next we will explore the text structure- sequential order. Students will first write a "How to" piece and then explore why authors might use this structure to help readers better understand the text.

In Word Study, we continue to study high frequency words and spelling patterns.

Social Studies

In economics, students will learn about needs and wants. They will be able to identify goods and services and explain the difference between a producer and a consumer. Students will have hands on experience as they produce goods during our Spring Market.

Extra Links:

Goods and Services Game

The Perfect Pet Game