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Quiz 1 Study Guide

3 Basic Things (that are pretty obvious)

Three Safety things (hint, hint, equipment)

FYI: The number to the nurse's office is 2828

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What to do with fire...

On to the Reaction in a Bag Lab...

*By the way- the phobia of Friday the 13th is called paraskavedekatriaphobia. Just thought it was a cool fact I'd throw out there.*

Experiment error:

1. There's a hole in the bag- you won't see the pressure building up in the bag.

Now on to the Heating Baking Soda Lab...

Heated vs. unheated

The heated mix was darker, chunkier, and would usually dissolve eventually. The unheated mix was usually lighter and more baking soda would settle at the bottom.

If it's a different color, it's a different thing.

It's that simple. So the heated substance was NOT baking soda because it reacted differently to the tea, making it darker, therefore, it was not the same as the normal baking soda.

Good to know:

  1. The Control Group (what we controlled)- unheated baking soda
  2. The Experimental Group (what we didn't control)- heated baking soda
  3. Indicator- tea, because it showed the color change
  4. Variable- something you try to measure
  5. Independent variable- causes a change in dependent variable (heat)
  6. Dependent variable- depends on independent variable (color of tea)
  7. Control factors-

a. Same type of tea

b. Same amount of tea

c. Same amount of baking soda

d. ETC...

Experimental Errors:

1. Stopper not on properly, baking soda and gas will leak out.

2. There is a hole in the bottle/tubing- water/gas will leak out.

Volume notes:

1. Unit of measurement is cubic centimeter or 1 mL (milliliter)

2. Standard unit of length: meter

3. Liquids- use graduated cylinder

4. *Always check interval/scale

5. *mL = cubic centimeter*

6. Read from bottom of the meniscus

Balance Notes:

1. Check pan in clean and dry

2. Zero balance every time

3. Never switch pans

4. Don't zero balance at the end.

5. Pick up only by red bar (if needed).