Monday Magic Newsletter

Monday, April 16, 2018


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SHOUT OUT TO Megan and VIBE! They did amazing at Thunderstruck!! Megan, your hard work and dedication to these students and to KJ is unmatched! You are one of a kind, and we are so blessed to have you as one of the leaders of the KJ Staff. This weekend through several obstacles your way, and you handled it with such grace and poise. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
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Good Afternoon,

Please have your hours submitted by 2PM today! Email to

Please read over the linked "April Studio Insider" tab. Parents may ask you questions about the content, so please read through and let me know if you have questions. This time of year it is essential for everyone to take time to review and read what is sent out to parents and posted on our website. Thanks for setting aside time to be informed and help field questions parents may have.

Thanks for going the extra mile last week while I was away, and when chaos ensued. I appreciate each one of you and the sacrifices you made to keep the studio running as close to normal as possible. Like the old saying, "Take the lemons, and make lemonade" Your positive attitudes make this place such an amazing place to work.

Have a great week! You are appreciated!


NYCDA Waiver

Please make sure that if you are attending NYCDA this weekend (you know who you are) that you sign this waiver asap!



The last day of normal classes is June 1st, the week before the recital. Last year we used class time to rehearse classes together, but this year we will hold classes as normal up until the concert.

Costume Pick-Up Day

Please mark your calendars for these two days! I will reach out to each of you about hours and location, but we will need all hands on deck getting the costumes into the dancers hands. Be looking for information from me in the coming week.
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Attendance Last Week

Thank you so much for being so diligent when taking attendance last week on the paper rosters. Your notes have been very very helpful, and I appreciate you taking the time to contribute to the accuracy of your dancers costumes. Part of what makes this place so special is the collaboration, and this was something that was SUPER important. Thank you for making this happen in each of the classes you taught.

Mark your Calendars:

Costume Pickup Day- April 27th, 2-5pm & 28th, 10-3pm

May 18-20th- Rhythm and Rhyme Recital

May 20th- VIBE Showcase

June 2-4- Spring Concert

Upcoming Competitions/Conventions:

NYCDA Dallas- April 20-22nd

NYCDA Phoenix- May 5th

TBD- May 5th (Frisco TEAM)

Revive- May 11th-13th