The Great Egg Drop

Kaitlyn Schauske

The Cloud (our contraption)

When my partner and I started to make our contraption we followed the Engineering process. At first we didn't know what to do to protect the egg as it fell to it's death. Slowly but surely we came up with an idea.

We would put the egg in the Dixie cups and put all the padding we could find in with it. We added a parachute to help it slow down it's decent.

We tested it millions of times by standing on the table and dropping it from about 8 ft in the air. After the plastic egg cracked a few times we decided to make a new idea.

So we went back to the drawing board. Thinking and thinking, after awhile we decided to add on to the beginning product. We put George in a cardboard boat and strapped it down with the rubber bands. We also threw in the rest of the padding. We tested the new product until we thought it was safe and sound. The day of the big drop was getting closer and closer. We were done so we made our parachute fun to look at. My partner and had very little hope going into this process so we wrote R.I.P. George. After that I hoped and prayed that our contraption (The Cloud) would keep the egg safe. Before I knew it, drop day was upon us.

Drop Day

As our class watched the firetruck ladder climb higher and higher I was thinking "Maybe the egg will survive?" As we started I knew ours wasn't going to break. After a few people ours was up. I crossed my fingers waiting until he dropped the egg. He dropped it plummeting down 50 ft. I closed my eyes as it got closer and closer to the ground. It hit the ground pretty hard. My partner and I rushed over to see if George survived.... he did it was a miracle!! We got our picture taken and it was all over.