Positive Thinking

To Relieve Stress

Your big audition is tomorrow.

You feel like you are unprepared despite your practicing and believe you are not good enough yet. You will be all alone in front of a strict judge who will criticize your every move. You need to figure out a way to reduce your stress. Rather than telling yourself you are not good enough, you should try thinking positive and focusing on what you can do best. Before the audition you will tell yourself you will do your best and exceed their expectations and even your own.

You can be positive by

- telling yourself you will do well

- reminding yourself you can get it done

- telling yourself you are prepared

- thinking positively during the scenario

- focusing mainly on what you can do

Why does it work?

Positive thinking redirects one's goals so that they are focused on what's important and not the little things. By being positive you can also build the courage to say no which makes it so you are the one in control of yourself. It can make someone's attitude better so they have more confidence to attempt to achieve a certain goal. Overall, positive thinking can simply reduce the amount of stress someone is experiencing by helping them forget the negatives and focus on the positives.