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Holiday Break


Student were able to participate in the global Hour of Code in the LRC with Mrs. Sayre this week. Coding is the language of computers. Students learned how to code a game and how coding helps computers know what to do.

Please see Mrs. Sayre's blog on the benefits of learning to code (pictures too!)


We finished our unit on fiction this week in reading. When we return from break, students will take the fiction final assessment, and then we will begin our nonfiction unit. We will begin with how and why nonfiction is written. We will then learn to identify the three types of nonfiction: biography, literary, and reference. We will also focus on nonfiction text features and how they help us gain information while reading.

In writing we finished our fairy tale units. After break we will begin our unit on opinion writing. During this unit, students will be choosing topics they feel strongly about and giving reasons to convince others to support their opinion. The first week will be spend developing strategies to think of a topic to write about, such as problems and solutions, or noteworthy people and places. I look forward to hearing all about their passionate feelings during this unit!


We ended the week with our part A of the multiplication and division assessment. The first week back, we will work on applying multiplication skills to finding area of rectangles. We will also focus on using the distributive property to help with more difficult multiplication and division problems.

I will begin testing students on regular basis in January to help develop their automaticity in knowing their facts. Any practice of multiplication facts over break will certainly be helpful!

- Fact Triangle practice

- Greg Tang Math Challenge (see Friday Folder)

- Practice

- IXL topics for practicing facts: Sections F, G, J, and K

Memorizing multiplication facts is crucial at this age. All mathematical concepts from now on will most likely rely on knowing these facts automatically, as well as being able to determine patterns on the multiplication chart. While we will focus on these skills daily, any additional assistance at home in helping your child practice these facts will be extremely beneficial.


The children really enjoyed our holiday party today. Thank you to all the parents that took the time to organize and help with this fun event!

A Few Reminders...


  • School Resumes Monday, January 4th - I hope everyone has a wonderful, restful break and a happy and healthy New Year!
  • Signed Friday Folders due Monday, January 4, 2016
  • Reading Logs due Monday, January 4, 2016

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