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January 2021

A Message from the Principal, "Miss Kelty"

Hello ECDC Families!

I need to again thank you for your diligence with keeping your kiddos, and our classroom teams, safe by remembering to wear masks, social distance, and keep your little ones home if they are sick.

Remote Learning Update:

Last month I shared this Remote Learning Plan: Weather Emergency and Covid-19 Shutdowns document, with details on our remote learning plan. We noticed that it did not include a plan for those students who may be out of school because they have to quarantine. I have included some resources and ideas for keeping the learning alive during a quarantine period.

  • Remote Learning Bags: By now you all should have received your child's Remote Learning Bag, and I hope you have tucked it out of reach of little hands. Again, in the event of a classroom or school COVID shut down longer than a couple of days, you will need to pull this bag out. At this point do not worry if you do not know what to do with it, your child's teacher will coach you through when the time is right!
  • Weather Emergency Packets: We still have some copies here at the main office of our Weather Emergency (or SNOW DAY) packets. If you need one, please reach out to Laura (
  • Quarantine Learning: ECDC is a hands-on learning program where students are engaged in learning through play and thus we do not have "work" that can be easily sent home. If your child has to quarantine at home because they have been exposed to COVID-19, we have some fun activities and ideas in the Keeping the Learning Alive During Quarantine (or any time) section below.

Celebrating Kindness and Inclusion: Hearts of Kindness Project

Our ECDC teaching teams will be focusing over the next several weeks on our Core Values of : I am Kind and I include Others . We will be joining the rest of FPS in the Hearts of Kindness Project, inviting each child to create a special heart craft that honors an act of kindness. Most of the town will hang their hearts on the town common (which I always think look so beautiful. We will hang ours outside at ECDC so our school community can share in the joy they bring.

This is a great time to talk to your little ones about what it means to be KIND and to INCLUDE others. You can even make your own KINDNESS HEARTS and hang them around ECDC!

Valentine's Day:

Here at ECDC, we have noticed over the years how much our kiddos love to give and receive "mail!" One way to be kind, is to create or deliver a Valentine, or a note, to a friend. We welcome families to send in Valentines, but with strict guidance. All Valentines must be here a week before we give them out to ensure a COVID-safe delivery.

Please Follow these rules to ensure we can share your child's Valentines with their friends:

  • Only PAPER Valentines will be accepted (NO CANDY, NO GIFTS, NO PLASTIC)
  • Valentines for Mon/Tues classes are due on Feb 2nd
  • Valentines for the Thurs/Friday classes are due on Feb 5th
  • If you need assistance with your Valentines, or have any questions, you can reach out to Miss Kelty, Nurse Suzanne or your child's classroom teacher. We are happy to help!

Miss Kelty

Please feel free to reach out to me at , our school nurse, Suzanne Roma ( ), our School Psychologist, Jennifer Curry ( and/or our team chair, Sarah Martin , as well your child's class room teaching teams for support and guidance.

Keeping the Learning Alive During Quarantine (or any time)

  • Visit the ECDC Keep the Learning Alive! site that was set up last spring. Each teacher has great lessons, activities, games and more. In this example, Miss Meg made some videos of how to draw some AWESOME ANIMALS! Check it out!
  • Visit the FRANKLIN ECDC Youtube page to see ECDC’s wonderful teachers and staff and join them in wonderfully silly & fun activities, reading stories, making crafts and sharing their love and kindness

  • Keep moving! Below is a list of resources provided by Miss Joanne, District Physical Therapist for gross motor activities for children of all ages:

Games You Can Play:

  • Simon says

  • Bean bag or balloon toss

  • Hot potato

  • Egg in spoon

  • Hop scotch

Get Moving:

  • Take the stairs, not the elevator

  • Walk around the block- play I spy while walking

  • Run relays with siblings and/or caregivers

  • Step on/off a step stool

  • Place pillows on the floor and have child walk on them

Outdoor Activities:

  • Jump rope or jump over a small obstacle

  • Ride a tricycle or bicycle

  • Jumping or jumping jacks

  • Bubble play

  • Play ball- bounce, catch, throw, kick

  • Push heavy items in a stroller/wagon

  • Learn to ride your bike or a scooter

Indoor Fun:

  • Dance party

  • Building a fort – boxes, blankets

  • Walk like an animal

    • slither like a snake

    • hop like a frog

    • gallop/horse

    • bear/all 4s tummy down

    • crab/all 4s tummy up

    • Hop like a bunny

Doing Other Activities:

  • Do puzzles or play with building blocks while squatting

  • Clean up toys by squatting

  • Read a book while lying on belly

  • Do chores like setting/clearing the table

Reminder about ARRIVAL and DISMISSAL---Please read and review the image below!

Keeping families and staff safe and healthy, we have changed our arrival and dismissal procedures:

  1. Each teacher has an “assigned” arrival and dismissal time.

  2. Please plan on being ready to drop off or pick up your child at your assigned time.

  3. Please stay IN YOUR CAR until you see the sign (see below) for your child’s teacher.

  4. Please be sure you and your child have your masks on and covering both the nose and mouth.

  5. Line up at the white lines, socially distanced.

  6. Staff will take students directly to the classrooms, two at a time.

  7. If you MISS your time, please remain in your car until all the other classes have entered the building.

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Help us put an IMAGE to our ECDC CORE VALUES

Last spring our ECDC School Council started a contest to find a visual representation or image to help our little ones remember our ECDC CORE VAULES...and then the pandemic hit.

We are REOPENING the process, collecting submissions until March 1, 2021. This contest is open to ECDC staff and families for it is our hope that together we can find something that could possibly

When you read the CORE Values and the Mission statement in the blue box below, and when you think of ECDC and you and your child's experience here, what images do you see?

You can submit your drawing and ideas via email or hard copy to Laura ( in the ECDC office!

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ECDC Parent Communication Council (PCC)

Quick Bits from your PCC

We had a great PCC meeting last week. Thank you to those who attended with us. We have begun planning for Teacher Appreciation Week in May. If you would like to be a part of the discussion, please be sure to join us for upcoming meetings. Reach out to Heather or Lindsay if you are unable to attend to find out how you can help or to offer ideas/services. We also began generating ideas about how to utilize our funds raised for safe, meaningful enrichment in the spring when we can have students engaged in activities outdoors.

We had another successful restaurant night last week at Chipotle. Thank you to those who participated. We made $111.05!

Our next restaurant night will be on Wednesday, February 24th at Piezoni's.

Save the date!!

Your ECDC PCC Board Members

Lindsay and Heather

Are you new to ECDC, or haven't yet subscribed to our PCC Newsletter? Click here to opt-in and stay in the know!

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Miss Kelty's Weekly Video Check-in's

I heard from families that many were missing my weekly video updates that I started in the spring, so I have started them up again! Be sure to check you email at the end of each week for my update. They can also be found on our ECDC YouTube channel under the playlist "ECDC Extras!"

Remember, there are also LOTS of fun videos on our YouTube channel for you your little ones to explore and enjoy!

Notes from Nurse Suzanne

Kindergarten Transition and the Health Office:

It is an exciting time for our soon to be Kindergarten families! Here at ECDC, we collaborate to make your child’s transition to Kindergarten as seamless as possible. In the health office, I am preparing your child’s health records in advance of the transition to ensure their records contain the requirements for entry to elementary school. Included in your Kindergarten packet from Miss. Laura, you will receive a letter indicating exactly what is still needed to complete your child’s record. A complete list of requirements can be found below.

In addition to preparing your child’s health records, I will be connecting with your child’s elementary school nurse to share information about specific health concerns. This typically happens in late spring. If your child has allergies, takes medications during the school day, or has an individualized health care plan, your child’s new school nurse will be updated at that time.

If you have any questions at all about health requirements or questions and/or concerns about your child’s transition, please reach out to me anytime. You can send me an email at, or call me in the office at 508.541.8166 ext. 2940.

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Planning for the fall of 2021--Updates

Again, in a year like no other, we fully recognize transitions to kindergarten, or back to ECDC for another year, really take on a different feeling. As we look to the fall, for kindergarten and preschool, we are planning for a return to a pre-COVID schedule (with a back up plan if this is not possible). Please rest assured that your child's teaching team, and our office team, are already looking ahead to see how we can support you and your little ones as you make the next leap!

Here are some highlights of our efforts to facilitate the transition:

Kindergarten in 2021

  • All students who will be 5 by August 31st are eligible to enroll in kindergarten. Students who are kindergarten eligible are NOT able to enroll again at ECDC.
  • ECDC families will be provided registration kindergarten packets within the next week (no need to attend any Kindergarten Registration events or to register online).
  • All health records will be gathered here at ECDC by Nurse Suzanne and shared with the school where your child will be attending.
  • Kindergarten teams will have the opportunity to observe ECDC students as well as meet with ECDC team members to learn about each of their incoming students.
  • Families of students with IEPs will have an opportunity to discuss and begin to plan for your child's transition at their next annual IEP meeting.

Returning to ECDC

  • Tuition paying students who are 3 by August 31st and not yet 5 by the same date must submit a Returning Student Application to re-enroll at ECDC
  • Program options reflect a hopeful return to a pre-COVID schedule
  • ECDC teaching teams will share information with each other to support and transition students to a new teacher, when necessary
  • Families with children on IEPs do NOT HAVE to complete the application

Miss Marsha's Update

Hello ECDC families!

I am so excited to share information about Self Help, Inc. Coordinated Family and Community Engagement (SHI/CFCE), the programs we offer and our collaborations with ECDC with you!

Some background information:

Our program's mission is to strengthen families and children through information and education to help all families and children advance to their full potential! We are committed to the Strengthening Families approach, supporting families in the Five Protective Factors: parental resilience, social connections, concrete support in times of need, knowledge of parenting and child development, and social and emotional competence of children. Our highly caring and committed staff work tirelessly to provide services to families that are high quality and FREE!

As for me, some of you may have attended one of our pajama Story Times held at the ECDC or in the case of last November, on Zoom.! That is just one of the many exciting programs and services we have to offer through Self Help CFCE. We provide a wide range of developmentally appropriate activities for children ages birth to grade three in a wide area of South Eastern Massachusetts.

Since we are unable to be in person due to the pandemic, we are offering a wide variety of programs for children and families on Zoom. By visiting our calendar where you can see all the wonderful toddler and preschool programs, STEM(science, technology, engineering and math) activities, as well as Kindergarten Readiness and school age programs. There are also offerings for parent education and support as well as awesome video activities that you can watch at your family’s convenience.

We also provide many other services that can help support your family, they are all listed on our website along with a variety of links to resources useful to families with young children.

I hope you can join me on February 11th for Pajama Story Time on Zoom. Put on your pajamas and get settled for a fun filled half hour of stories and songs. Registration is required so click here and reserve your spot: !

I can’t wait to see you on Zoom!

Miss Marsha

If you have any questions or would like more information about Self Help CFCE please send me an email:

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ECDC School Council 20-21

The ECDC School Council is a group of educators and parents who work together with the principal to provide guidance and input into such processes as the development of a School Improvement Plan and the articulation of a school budget and operating in the time of COVID-19.

20-21 Members:

Miss Elizabeth (Reynard)

Miss Linda (Cournoyer)

Sarah Parmenter, Parent

Nicole Irabor, Parent

Miss Suzanne (Roma) , School Nurse

Open Parent Position--please reach out for information on joining our team!

School Council Meeting Schedule

All meetings for the 20-21 year will be held virtually

on Mondays from 1:45-3pm

December 14th: Meeting Notes Linked Here

February 1st

March 22nd

May 10th

The council met on December 14th, virtually via Google Meet and the minutes are linked above. This year we have expanded our council from 5 (including me) to 7, allowing for 3 staff and 3 family representatives. It made sense this year, given the pandemic, to include our school nurse on the ECDC School Council. We have ONE OPEN position for a parent/guardian, so please reach out if you would like to join our team!

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