Western Boone Jr. Sr. High School

Class Schedules

Career Path

We, as a counseling department, will work with you in order to make sure you have the right classes based on state requirements and your personal interests. The older you get the more freedom you will have with regards to selecting classes that appeal to your interests. Choose classes that will challenge you and will serve as the foundation to possible career choices. Your Career Path starts here:

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Click the link below to access the video recording of the 7th grade scheduling meeting.

7th Grade

Seven different teachers in Seven different classrooms. Sounds exciting. . . right? You will be fine. 7th and 8th grade students will take a pretty structured schedule and have the option for two elective classes each semester. Let's get started.

7th Grade Required Courses

English 7 OR English 7 Honors (Application Required)

Math 7 OR Math 7 Honors (Application Required)

Science 7

Social Studies 7

PE 7

7th Grade Electives

You need to schedule 2 classes each semester (total = 4)

JH Band (2 Semesters Full Year)

JH Choir (2 Semesters Full Year)


One Semester Electives (Choose Two each semester)

Art 1

Art 2 (Art 1 is a prerequisite for Art 2)

Current Events

Business and Information Technology (New this year)

*includes typing, computer skills and introduction to computer software

Engineering and Tech.

*Hands on environment. Includes building projects both in the shop and on the computer.

Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) 7

*Focus is on useful skills (sewing and nutrition for example) as you near adulthood.

Exploring College and Careers

*What schools or degrees should I be looking at to achieve my career goals?

Exploring Agriculture

*Introduction to the study of animals, soil, food etc. (FFA / 4H)

*Students may also be placed in English and or Math Enrichment in place of an elective. Placement in the Enrichment course will be determined by this years ILEARN scores. We will not know who qualifies until we get scores back this spring.

Course Changes

It is important to choose courses that apply to your interests and will help you get started down your own individualized career path. Course changes cannot be made at semester due to class size (balance) and class offerings available.

So, what is the 7th grade really like?

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Go to the Jr. Sr. High School Website to find:

Daily Class Schedule, Clubs and Activities, Lunch Menu, School Calendar and Dress Code

Welcome new 7th graders
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8th Grade

Congratulations on surviving the 7th grade!!! Your 8th grade curriculum will be very similar to last year. You will have the option of taking a few classes that will earn you high school credit which could get you ahead in high school and potentially save you money if you attend college.

8th Grade Required Courses

English 8 OR English 8 Honors (Application Required)

Math 8 OR Algebra I (Application Required and High School Credit)

Science 8

Social Studies 8

PE 8

8th Grade Electives

Similar to 7th grade, you will need to schedule a total of 4 semesters for your 8th grade year:

Courses that can earn you High School Credit:

1. Algebra 1 Honors

2. Spanish 1 (requires an Application)

Requirements: English A in Regular or B+ in Honors English; Pass 6th ILEARN ELA

3. Introduction to Agriculture (2 Semesters = Full Year)

4. Digital Applications & Responsibility (1 semester)

5. Applied Music: Guitar 1 (1 semester)

6. Applied Music: Guitar 2 (1 semester) *Must have taken Guitar 1

*New this year

7. Health - (1 semester) High school credit and High school requirement

8. Preparing College & Careers - (1 semester) High School credit and High School requirement

Jr. High Electives

JH Band (2 Semesters Full Year)

JH Choir (2 Semesters Full Year)

*Cannot re-take any of the following courses if already completed in the 7th grade

Art 1 (1 semester)

Art 2 (1 semester) *Must take Art 1 as the prerequisite.

Art 3 (1 semester) *Must take Art 1 and 2 as prerequisites.

Current Events (1 semester) *if not taken in grade 7

Business and Information Technology (1 semester) *if not taken in grade 7

Engineering and Technology (1 semester)*if not taken in grade 7

Exploring Agriculture (1 semester)*if not taken in grade 7

Exploring College and Careers (1 semester) *if not taken in grade 7

Family and Consumer Science 8 (1 semester)

*Based on previous ILEARN scores, students may also be placed in English and or Math Enrichment in place of an elective. We will not know who qualifies until we receive scores back this Spring.

21st Century Scholars

The 21st Century Scholars Program will pay for tuition in the state of Indiana.

- must live in Indiana

- must meet financial requirements

- must sign up before the conclusion of your 8th grade year


2 $31,284

3 $39,461

4 $47,638

5 $55,815

6 $63,992

7 or more For each additional person, add $8,177

Learn more about the program here:


Sign up to see if you are eligible to become a 21st Century Scholar

If you think you may be financially eligible, go to

https://scholartrack.che.in.gov/Login#/ to register for an account

Course Changes

It is important to choose courses that apply to your interests and will help you get started down your own individualized career path. Course changes cannot be made at semester due to class size (balance) and class offerings available.

High School 4 year plan

You have made it to your Freshman year of High School. Now it is time to MAP OUT your plan for the next four years of classes. While the choices you make here today will not necessarily be permanent, they will give you an idea of what is to come and get you thinking about your future. Your individual path begins here . . .
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Core 40 or Honors? That is the question.

The Core "40" stands for the State requirement of 40 credits to graduate. Western Boone requires 42 credits to graduate.

What is the difference between the Core 40 diploma and the Academic Honors Diploma?

Requirements for The Academic Honors Diploma: 47 Credits instead of 42

*side note: If you earn 6 credits each semester you will have earned 48 credits

- 4 years (8 credits) of Math/Quantitative Reasoning (Core 40 =3 years (6 credits) of math)

- 3 years (6 credits) of Foreign Language (Core 40 = we recommend 2)

- 1 year (2 credits) of Fine Arts (Core 40 does not require Fine Arts)

- Maintain a 3.0 G.P.A

- Earn a "C" or better in courses that will count towards the diploma

Additional Requirements: Complete ONE of the following

- Complete AP courses (4 credits) and Exams

- Complete Dual Credit courses from "Priority Course List" (6 transcript College Credits)

- SAT score of 1250 or higher with a minimum of 560 in Math and 590 in Reading

- ACT composite of 26 or higher and must include writing

Why Honors?

The honors diploma does not necessarily mean that you have taken all honors classes. The honors diploma will afford you more opportunities when it comes to applying for scholarships and the diploma looks excellent on your resume.

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The CORE classes

ENGLISH - 4 years (8 credits) for both the Core 40 and The Academic Honors Diploma. You must have English scheduled all four years of High School.

9th Grade - English 9 or English 9 Honors (application required)

10th Grade - English 10 or English 10 Honors (application required)

11th Grade - American Literature OR AP English

12th Grade -

Choose two of the following four courses:

Dramatic Lit (1 semester class)

English Lit (1 semester class)

Speech (1 semester class)

Film Lit (1 semester class)


AP English Literature (1 year = 2 semesters) application required

MATH -3 years (6 credits) for Core 40 / 4 years (8 credits) for Academic Honors Diploma

*MUST Take Math or QR every year in High School.

"IF" you took Math 8:

9th = Algebra I

10th = Algebra II

11th = Geometry (Meets Core 40 requirement)

12th = Either Pre-Calculus or Quantitative Reasoning (required for Academic Honors Diploma)

"IF" you were in Algebra I Honors:

9th = Geometry Honors

10th = Algebra II Honors

11th = Pre-Calc Honors

12th = Calculus

Science - 3 years (6 credits) for both The Core 40 and The Academic Honors Diploma

9th = ICP or BIO (depending on teacher recommendation)

10th = "IF" you took ICP in 9th you will take BIO in 10th

"IF" you took BIO in 9th you will take Chemistry in 10th

11th = "IF" you took BIO in 10th you have three options:

1.Earth and Space Science

2.Biochem of Foods

3. Chemistry

IF" you took Chemistry in 10th grade you have the following 6 options:

1. Earth and Space Science

2. Biochem of Foods

3. Physics


5. AP Chemistry

6. Anatomy and Physiology

Social Studies - 3 years (6 credits) for Core 40 and Academic Honors Diploma

(Basic route)

9th = World History or Geography

10th = None if taken in Grade 9 unless you plan to be in a vocational program

11th = US History (may have to take in 10th if pursuing vocational classes)

12th = US Government (1 semester) & Econ (1 semester)

(Advanced Options)

(10-12) AP World History: Modern

(11-12) AP US History

(12) AP Microeconomics

P.E. - 1 year (2 credits) for Core 40 and The Academic Honors Diploma

9th Grade

Health- 1 semester (1 credit) for Core 40 and Academic Honors Diploma

PCC Preparing for College and Careers - 1 semester (1 credit)

10th Grade

OTHER COMMON 9th Grade Electives:

Spanish (Encouraged if going for the Academic Honors Diploma)



Drawing / Photography / Ceramics

Digital Apps

Principles of Ag / Ag Power Structure + Tech

Intro to Eng and Design

Intro to Radio

Study Hall / Student Assistant (Think about this one. . . Would you rather have more flexibility as a Junior / Senior? Or, as a Freshman???)

Technical Honors Diploma

What is the difference between Academic honors and Technical honors?

-Tech. honors 3 years (6 credits) of Math instead of 4 years (8 credits) for Academic honors

- No World Language Requirement

- 6 credits in College and Career Pathway (at Webo or off-site)

  • Business / Computer Science
  • Ed. Professions
  • Engineering = Intro to Engineering, Principle's of Engineering and Digital Electronics
  • Agriculture = Principles of Ag + 2 other Ag courses
  • Radio TV

Students can also complete College and Career Pathway by participating in off-site CTE Program.

Additional Technical Honors Diploma Requirements

  • C- or higher in courses that count toward diploma
  • Overall 3.0 GPA or higher
  • Complete 1 of the following:
-"Pathway designated" Industry-based certification

-"Pathway designated" dual credits (6 transcripted college credits from "priority course list"

  • Complete one of the following:
- WorkKeys minimum scores (Reading for Info: 6; Applied Math: 6; Locating Info: 5)

-Accuplacer minimum scores (Writing: 80; Reading: 90; Math:75)

-Compass minimum scores (Algebra: 66; Writing: 70; Reading: 80)

- Complete AP courses (4 credits) and exams

-Complete Dual Credit courses from "Priority Course List" (6 transcripted college credits)

-Complete 1 AP course (2 credits) with exam AND Dual Credit course(s) from "Priority Course List" (3 transcripted college credits)

-SAT Score 1250 or higher with minimum 590 ERW / 560 Math

- ACT composite 26 or higher must include writing

AP / Dual Credit

  • Advanced Placement (AP)
- Earn HS credit

- AP Exam score CAN qualify you for college credit

- Fees covered by IN for Math, science, English and free / reduced

- $99 exam fee for all others

- English Lit, English Lang, Chemistry, Biology, World History, US History,

Microeconomics, Studio Art

Dual Credits

- IVY Tech (free)

- Calculus, PreCalc/Trig, Anatomy / Physiology, Spanish 3H&4, Intro to Eng.

Design, Principles of Engineering, Intro to Manufacturing, most Ag, some Vocational

CTE (Vocational) Options

  • Available Junior and/or Senior Year
  • Ideal Scheduling = PCC/Health - 9th Grade and U.S. History - 10th Grade
  • Off site 3-4 periods
  • Must provide own transportation to JEL (transportation will be provided to most West Central programs)
  • Must be on track with graduation requirements
  • J. Everett Light (North Central HS - Indpls)

- Health Careers (Med Asst, Dental, Nursing)

-Criminal Justice

-Vet. Careers


West Central (Crawfordsville / Southmont)

- Tri-Vo Auto

- Cosmo

- Health Careers

- Fire and Rescue

- Prec. Machining

- Business

- Others