Mrs. G's Classroom News

February 5, 2016

Classroom Management

We have had a busy, full week! We certainly enjoyed the few days of warmer weather while were playing outside for recess!

Our Valentine's Party will be Friday, February 12th at 1:30pm-2:55pm. Then the students will be off to special for the last hour of the day. Parents are welcome to attend if you wish. It will be a very low key event with fun stations occurring around the room. Valentine reading, making crafts, playing games and enjoying a treat will be included. A sign up genius will be coming out soon for items to donate and positions to choose to help out. Filling out and distributing valentine cards is not required, but if your child would like to do them please make sure they include everyone in the class. There is a class list in your child's Friday folder today. We are decorating already purchased, paper bags on Monday to keep our Valentine's in. If your child would like to bring stickers, printed out clip-art or other items to decorate their bag that would be great. You can expect for us to decorate our bags on Monday. Students can start bringing their valentines to pass out on Tuesday the 9th.

Thank you to all who handed in your field trip slip and donation money. If you haven't had the chance yet, please send it in sometime this week. We leave February 16th at 9:05am. Any student who does not have a signed permission slip will have to stay here at Hornung! In today's Friday folder you will find a student field trip technology policy form to fill out. Our class will be taking 10 ipads with us on our magnificent journey to Lansing. I thought it would be fun to conduct mini-news casts about certain sections of the museum that reinforce our history lessons in our third grade curriculum. In small groups students will make short, news-reporter videos for an assigned section of the museum. We will share our reports online which will give you the perfect insight to see what your child experienced and learned. They will only have the ipad in their possession for a short period of time - I will have them for the rest of the day. Please look over this policy and return it next week. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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Writing Workshop

We wrote our angle-mini stories to support our thesis statements this week. We also created two different versions of our essay conclusions and chose the one we liked best. Students also wrote the rough draft on notebook pieces of paper emphasizing proper indentations for the paragraphs included. We will revise, edit and publish next week.

Reading Workshop

This week we learned about author's purpose. We thought about P.I.E every time we read anything! An author usually writes a published piece for one of three reasons: to persuade the reader, to inform the reader or to entertain the reader. Identifying the author's purpose can be confusing because there sometimes seems to be more than one! We enjoyed a nice slice of pie on Friday to celebrate.
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Word Work

This week students worked on Unit 15 for spelling. We talked about strategies on how to spell the core words on our list. We also went over suffixes again. Most students had the opportunity to take the snapshot on the Common Core Language Standard that states, "I can spell high-frequency words correctly and add suffixes to base words."


We took our math test at the beginning of the week and students performed stupendously. I am very pleased. We also played the game Number-Top-It and were introduced to the game called, "Prodigy". I learned about Prodigy through my master's class I am taking over the weekend and I knew the kids would love it. This video game teachers students critical thinking skills and problem-solving skills while practicing math concepts at the same time. It is very engaging and I was happy to let them participate. There is a letter going home today about the game with your child's username and password on it. At the bottom it mentions that you can pay a fee to have a "membership". Please don't feel like you have to do this. The game and math will still be played and learned without it. It is just an option if anyone is interested. We also started our Unit 6 lessons on Geometry. We talked about lines, rays and line segments.

Social Studies

We participated in a project-based learning unit on Michigan Pioneers. In my spare time, my hobby is to research family history and to go grave hunting. I know it is weird, but I have really found some interesting stuff on my ancestors. I have found on both sides that my 6th great grandfathers were pioneers of Michigan becoming one of the first settlers in Portage and Sherwood, Michigan. I shared my personal connection with the Michigan's first setter unit and read a published pamphlet my 6th great grandfather wrote about his journey in his covered wagon on his way to Michigan from New York. Then students thought about what life must have been like as a settler child. Little House on the Prairie was referenced more than once! Students then got in partnerships and took selfies of themselves dressed up like a 19th century kid or a 21st century kid and worked on a Google Slide presentation to show the comparison. They aren't finished yet, but will be great when done! Next week we will learn about how Michigan became a state and government.
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