Sweet Bees Team News

Let's Make a Commitment!

Everyone is an important part of the team!

I am sure that each one of you started your journey with Chloe and Isabel for your own reason, but I know that each one of you can get to where you want to be! Let's make a commitment to reach out for at least one sale this month to get started and take it from there! Even with all the chaos and hectic schedules of the summer months, one sale is something we can do. Consistency is vital and I am here to support you!

If you are not part of our Face Book community- what are you waiting for?

Our Face Book team page is where we lift one another up, post helpful ideas and inspiration, and celebrate team success! If you are not already a part of it, please send me a friend request, so I can add you today!

On the team page, I posted a challenge to the team to secure a Pop Up in a Box by this Monday! All you need to do, is put together a few look books and order forms, a few wish lists and a print out of the hostess incentives and give this all to a friend or office worker who is willing to share the look books with a few ladies! This is a great way for your friend to get tons of free jewelry and a great way for you to score some easy sales during this busy time of year!! Post on our team page or text me when you have done this!! Whoop whoop!!

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What is your goal?

What is your goal? If you can dream it, you can do it!!

*Is it getting your first sale?

*Is it getting $100 in sales?

*Is it getting $800 in sales and 30% commission?

*Are you aiming for $1500 in sales and that amazing necklace?

*Are you shooting for 3K in sales and the Spa gift card

*Do you want to be the Number one Merchandiser in the Nation?

What do you want from this amazing opportunity that you have? Go after it Sweet Bees!!