Early Hindu Mathematics and Science



  • created number system 1-9 (Gupta Mathematics) also include 0
  • used decimals
  • created place system ( tenths, hundreths, thousanths)
  • The number system was called Arabic/Hindu numerals

Math and Science

  • Aryabhata combined Math and Astronomy to make important studies
  • Aryabhata found 365 days in a year
  • Aryabhata found the earths axes and found all planets are round


  • they were one of the first societies to study astronomy
  • they mapped movements of planets and stars
  • they were also one of the first societies to understand gravity
  • they developed many of the ideas of what the universe made of
  • in the field of medicine gupta docters were advanced, they were able to set bones back
  • An indian doctor named shu shu arta , he carried out an early form of plastic surgery
  • they were the first ones to use herbs, etc.