The Inquiry Process

In Four Stages


This is the stage where the student starts asking questions to discover what it is that he/she is interested in. They eventually choose their topic and begin asking themselves what the main questions are.

During this process the TL is able to spark their imagination by asking them pointed questions to help discover the student's interest. They can also assist by helping a student narrow a field that would become too overwhelming in later phases.


During this stage students figure out a plan and begin looking for research. This in turn will assist them in focussing in on exactly what they are looking for in their research.

The TL can assist by pointing out different mediums that can be used for information, after they have developed a plan. Specific questions can help students to clarify their ideas.


This is when students analyze, organize and evaluate their ideas and findings. At this stage is when they figure out what information they are going to want to share with their audience.

The TL can assist at this stage with being a "sounding board" for their ideas to see if further work is in order to clarify student's thinking.


This last phase is the fun part when student's get to pull it all together. They get to decide and create some kind of product of their learning. They then can analyze both their product and the process of how they reached that point. They are also able to further extend their learning and understanding to connect with other situations.

The TL can assist student learning by asking questions which will assist students with their reflection on their process and work, as well as seeing if it applies to other areas of life.