Wedding Update

Eric and Alexi's Wedding Update

Thank you for RSVPing! We're SUPER excited to see everyone on Sunday! Here are the details:

November 11 :: mini-celebration dinner:


Ozona's-outside on the Patio.

520 Harvey Road College Station, TX 77840

Why Ozona's?.....
It's the location of our first date. We first met on the patio for a Sunday brunch. So meeting here for our Sunday post-wedding party seemed appropriate. The weather is so beautiful outside so we should enjoy it! We also think they have a diverse selection on their menu.


Happy hour is from 4-7 ($1 off all drinks) for those of you that want to drink. We like 5pm because it's still a little light outside :)

Please go to to read about the wedding day, Nov 11 dinner, Spring reception, and any other things we may have added on there. :)

(We're still working on adding photos to the photo gallery on the website.)

Thank you for being a part of our family and for celebrating with us! We are really looking forward to seeing everyone on November 11 and/or the Spring!