Overcrowding and Oversentencing

We need to take actions to end these major issues in prisons


  • 2.2 Million People are currently in American Prisons
  • Prison Sentences are longer than ever because the government want to appear tough on crime
  • Prison sentences ruin lives and exclude former inmates from public housing, job opportunities, and tear apart families
  • The U.S. has 20% of the world's prison population
  • Governments have becomes too tough on crime and strip people of their personal freedoms

Contact your Legislator

Dear Senator,

Many others and I believe that overcrowding and over-sentencing in our prison system need to be addressed immediately. Over-sentencing has become a serious problem because as of right now, 1 in 100 adults is in prison which makes up 25% of the world prison population. Prison sentences tear apart families and destroy chances of being able to find work and housing . As of right now, 19 U.S states are over capacity in terms of inmates. Because of this overcrowding, inmates are denied basic rights such as health care and are not being rehabilitated but instead locked up to serve out hopeless sentences only to end up back in prison after being released. I believe that action needs to be taken by government to solve prison overcrowding through expanding health care for inmates, releasing non-violent offenders who have served adequate sentences, and reforming laws regarding incarceration to solve over-sentencing.



Please send the above message to one of the following legislators:

David Perdue (U.S. Senator): https://www.perdue.senate.gov/connect/email

John Isakson (U.S. Senator): info@johnnyisakson.com or 770-818-1493

Tom Price (Chairman of House Budget Comitee): https://tomprice.house.gov/contact-me

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