Primary Points to Ponder

Week of October 8-12

Thank you!

Thank you for all that helped make our Book Fair a success! The hallways look amazing! Amanda....we love you and are so glad you are a Primary Pirate!
Student Progress Monitoring Forms

Make sure you are using this to track F&P and Informal RR. Have them easily accessible for Ruthie and I to look at during walkthroughs

Seesaw October PD in your PJs

Click on the link to view webinars to learn more about Seesaw.
Application for Texas Reviewers

TEA is looking for reviewers for grades 3-8 ELAR for instructional materials. Even if this isn't your area of expertise, if reviewing instructional materials is something you might be interested in, you could put in an application anyway.

Curriculum Corner


Mrs. Chrisman

What is it?

Alphabet Chart


Everyday around 8:35, after announcements

How long?

Around 5 minutes-3 for the chart, 2 for “spot checking”

Teacher does

At this point, they are independent. I choose a person each day to lead the class the following day. I had an issue with some not participating initially and this really helped with that and also the kids get to take ownership of what they’re learning. We earn “praise puffs” in my class and that person also earns 1 of those if they are chosen. It’s hard to choose one now because they all love it so much and all participate.

At the beginning of the year, I would introduce 2-3 letters per day with motions, then review what they had learned each day. Towards the end, they begged for more so it was more like 5 per day. After we finished learning the entire chart, I sent a video home through Seesaw so that the parents could practice the linking chart at home with their kiddos.

Students do

The leader leads the class through the entire chart. Then we “spot-check” certain letters in isolation (they can go through the whole chart but some still can’t tell you the names and sounds in isolation).

Helpful Tips

I wanted my kids to see the linking chart as an easily accessible resource so I stapled it to my word wall. We do this activity at the beginning of our word wall time each day before word wall games. The motions and chants keep the kids engaged and our linking chart has quickly become one of their favorite parts of the day! I also shrank down the linking chart for my guided reading table. The full copy was a little large for my taste for the table and it works better with their little fingers (78% on copier in case you are wanting to do that yourself).

Please complete.....Nominees and Winners will be announced Friday