Shakespeare Group D

Act 2, Scene 2, Lines 92-162


Helena and Demetrius are out searching for Lysander and Hermia, but Demetrius leaves Helena. Helena then stumbles upon Lysander and wakes him up, which causes Lysander to fall in love with her because of the potion Puck mistakenly used on him. Lysander begins to confess his "love" for Helena but she gets angry because Helena thinks Lysander is mocking her, and Helena runs away. Lysander then chases after her, and Hermia awakes to have Lysander comfort her from a nightmare, but he is no where to be found.

Most Important Quote

Lysander: "Content with Hermia? No, I do repent the tedious minutes I with her have spent. Not Hemia but Helena do I love."

This quote is important because it illustrates the main conflict of the scene; Lysander's potion induced love Helena instaed of Hermia.


Helena is a very dramatic character. She is also very clingy but passionate and determined. Although she loves Demetrius, he does not, but instead loves her best friend Hermia. Through our scene, Lysander, under a certain spell from a certain fairy, confesses his love for Helena. She is confused, but that confusion then turns to anger as she realizes that he is mocking her. She gets angry and storms off.


Hermia is admired by Demetrius but she loves Lysander. She is a dramatic character that experiences a man vs. man conflict because she is upset with her best friend due to relationship issues. Throughout our scene, Hermia is determined to win back her love, Lysander and turn everything back to normal.



Demetrius is Helenas love, but he loves Hermia. Demetrius is significant because he begins the search for Hermia and Lysander, and he dumps Helena, which causes her to wake up Lysander and have him fall in love with her. Demetrius experences a man vs. man conflict, becaus he is fighting with Helena to try and get her to leave him alone. Demetrius's charecter trait of unchivalrousness affects the conflict because he is willing to get away from Helena by any means necessary. He also has no problem with leaving Helena to possibly die alone in the woods, but this causes Helena to find Lysander, which fuels one of the main conflicts of the play.