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Being a mechanic is all about repairing vehicles for a living. You must have lots of job skills for being a mechanic and be ready for a different kind of work environment while working as a mechanic. You have a salary of $38,690 and must have a good arm to have your arm steady while working with cars.

Mechanic Connections

“The love of working on cars has inspired me to take a job as a mechanic. I was exposed to the field early on, as a farmer in my youth. We had to repair and maintain our farm equipment as efficiently and rapidly as possible, and I enjoyed the challenge. It made me realize that working as a mechanic was right for me. I also had extensive experience with mechanical service as a technician in the Navy. I worked on aircraft engines, clearing the planes for service and also running teams of mechanics. I was again confronted with the daily challenge of working on jets and turbo props in a more proficient manner, and also working within a team structure.”-Philip Ruhl

High School Preparation

High School throws opportunities for being a mechanic too like car care or autos and even clubs like if it has wheels. Car care shows student how to fix vehicles and learn to prevent from things happening to vehicles. Autos is where you learn all about automobiles.

Career Description

Repair automobiles, trucks, buses, and other vehicles. Master mechanics repair virtually any part on the vehicle or specialize in the transmission system.

Job Outlook

Employment of automotive service technicians and mechanics is projected to grow 9 percent from 2012 to 2022, about as fast as the average for all occupations. Job opportunities for qualified jobseekers should be very good.

Salary & Work Environment

The salary for a mechanic in Illinois is $38,690. Most automotive service technicians and mechanics work in well-lit repair shops. Although automotive problems often can be identified and fixed with computers, technicians perform many tasks with greasy part tools, sometimes in uncomfortable positions.

Related Courses & Experience

Autos: you learn all about automobiles.

Car Care: you learn how to fix and take care of vehicles.

If It has wheels club: A club where you can learn about anything with wheels

Duties & Responsibilities

Test drive vehicles, repair, reline, replace, technical manual, test components, and systems.