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Grooming done purrfictly

Our extent staff has been grooming for years to give your pets the best spa day ever!


Services offerer end are as followed

1. Basic bathing, shed removal and nail 8.50$

2. Bathing, hair cutting, nails, and shed removal 10.00$

3. Advance care (hair styling or flee/tick removal) 14.99$

4. Exotic animal care 10.99

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Frequently asked questions

Batman? Yes it's batman and no he does no sign autografts I know I have tried.

What animals do you groom? We groom all kinds of pets from the really exotic kinds to the more common house hold pets like reptiles, birds, dogs, cats, bats, and different kinds of farm animals from horses to cattle.

HELP I CANT FIND YOUR STORE!!!!! It's ok calm down we are located near the Crowley animal shelter and is on 101 East Hampton Road

What makes you better than the rest? We at turtles clips and tips personally care for each and every animal that comes through our doors and give you the advice that you need so you can better take care of your animals.