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We see teachers traveling all over the state with students. We see teachers teaching kids that serving our community matters. We see teachers showing students how to win competitions with enthusiasm and sportsmanship. You work so hard. Please know that your work does not go unnoticed. You are appreciated, and, yes, you do make a difference. Every day.

Thank you and Happy Holidays!

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You never know where your students will go.

Pharrell Williams: "My story is the average story"

Robotics Teams Compete

Congratulations to Mrs. Kornegay and her three robotics teams for their solid performance in their first competition! All three teams finished in the top ten out of 23 teams!


See this cute little guy? He is a robot built entirely by our students in Mrs. Kornegay and Mr. Bellamy's Robotics class. There are two other robots like him. These robots have already been hard at work. But, sadly, they do not have names. YET! After the break look for the NAME THE ROBOT competition. This will be a school-wide event, and there will be prizes for the students or teachers who choose the names that best fit our robot babies. So start thinking...!


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Mrs. Selina Bell has coordinated our competitive team for the Colquitt County Technology Fair on Saturday, January 24th. She will take four students and their entries in Web 2.0 Applications, Non-animated Graphics, and 3D Graphics. Wish them luck!

Techno Expo

TCMS is hosting its second Techno Expo on January 5th, and you are invited to participate. Teachers in our system who are using technology in their classrooms share these strategies with their peers. Last year's event was so successful that teachers didn't mind "giving up" the morning of their work day to attend. Yes they actually said that!

If you would like to participate, just let an administrator know. We just might see you there!

Follow US

We now have an official TCCHS Twitter account. Look for us at #TCCHSJackets. We share (almost) real time results of sporting and competitive events, pictures of our students and teachers, and anything else we can find to tweet. If you have something you want to share, please send it to one of us, and we will share it with our followers!


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I just like writing. Writing's my favorite!

Essay Contests

Mrs Sharon Davis has accepted responsibility for coordinating our school's essay contests. She has already accepted entries for 4 different essay contests and has handled almost one hundred essays. We thank her for her work in this area!

Writer's Workshop

Mrs. Renae Moore and Ms. Kensey Edgar host our new Writer's Workshop. They assist students who want to increase their performance on standardized writing tests such as the SAT and ACT essays, the Georgia High School Writing Test, and the new constructed response items on the Georgia Milestones. The Writer's Workshop sessions will resume in January.

Test Prep

Mrs. Renae Moore and Ms. Louise Phillips provide intensive standardized test preparation for both the SAT and ACT exams. They conduct the three-day workshops the Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday prior to each test date TCCHS hosts. They help students prepare for the content for each test along with test-taking strategies and test protocols. Dr. Scott Sweeting joins them for the science prep portion of the ACT tests. The remaining tests are the ACT on February 7 and April 18 and the SAT on May 2.

Click it to Win it!

Congratulations to Mrs. Baugh for having the most SLDS page views this nine weeks. Mrs. Baugh has viewed over 2000 pages in SLDS! She extensively reviewed her students' information to improve their growth in her course.

Remember that SLDS usage is part of our CCRPI report, and we expect each teacher to view at least 500 pages during the school year. Today teachers who had already met the 500 page view goal received a sticker and Reese's Christmas tree. Please continue to utilize SLDS, as it is a valuable resource

If you need help with this, please see your department chair or an administrator.

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Saint Nick likes when you click...

Look who is on the nice list!

Who else made the "click?"

Coleman Bennett, Brenda Cromer, Laurel Desaulniers, Beverly Watson, Kimsey Hodge, Tammy Simmons, and Dawn James

Way to go guys!

Bulldog in the Building!

Wait! That's Daniel. Mr. Thompson's son, and he is so cute that I couldn't resist including him in our newsletter.
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