Random Acts of Kindness Week

Febuary 10th-16th it will be random acts of kindness week

This week you should do a random act of kindness

The lady at Walmart checked our items out while sniffling, rubbing her eyes and sneezing. Poor thing. She was an older lady and it was Sunday. I thought " she probably has a tight budget and has to work even sick on a Sunday. The last item she picked up happen to be some all natural cold lozenges I was getting for my family. Just as she handed me the receipt politely thanking me, I had opened the box and gave her a handful of wrapped lozenges. She almost cried as she thanked me. I felt like I had saved the world!

Another Random Act of Kindness

I am on a forum called AVForums where they have a classified section, a fellow member who i don't know posted a wanted thread asking if anybody had for sale a cheap xbox 360 headset as there cat chewed through there son's one. I replied and said I had a new one that came with my console which i didn't need and he could have it, the son's dad even offered to cover postage but i told him not to worry. I obtained his address sent off the headset and he messaged me back a few days later saying he'd received the headset and that his son was chuffed it made my day and made me smile that I made another person's day :)